35-Sai no Koukousei

みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ みるふ (MI-RU-FU) :D

Recorder to Rendoseru Do

Recorder to Randoseru Do

I first saw Recorder to Randoseru Do in a facebook post by a friend. It was a funny post, containing lolicon joke and i laughed my ass off and i looked it up and found the anime and i read the synopsis and just dropped my jaw because that is the funniest synopsis i have … Continue reading

Sword of the stranger

Sword of the Stranger (2007)

After watching Anime such as Samurai Champloo, Afro Samurai, Rurouni kenshin and Saraiya Goyou I decided to check out Sword of the Stranger. Why not make a review about the previously mentioned anime? Well for one half of the samples I’ve stated is already reviewed by one of my authors, Peterpolevector (links are on the … Continue reading

Watch list week 2

Spring 2014 Watch List: Week 2

2nd episodes! I am expecting follow up character introductions, follow up setting/story descriptions and the ever so popular, the beginning of character-relationship developments and most importantly 2nd episodes are where the opening and ending themes are shown. I’m also setting the bar lower than the first since 1st impressions are the only expected surprises in … Continue reading



Ah, Anime Mirai, I love you so much, you bring surprisingly good Anime films every year. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I am talking about the Young Animator Training Project by the Japanese Animation Creators Association. The way i see it uhm as the title dictates, its to train young animators. … Continue reading


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