I’ve been wondering why I haven’t made a post on Minami-Ke, So i decided to do one now.

Episodes: 13

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Seinen

Year: Oct 8th, 2007 to Dec 31, 2007

Downloads: [Bakabt: 1280 x 720 ; English Subs ; 2.95GB]

M i n a m i – K e !


Minami-Ke! as with many Anime Series started as a Manga, Minami-Ke was written by Koharu Sakuraba at 2004 and surprisingly, The Manga is still ongoing. With the Direction of Masahiko Ohta along with Daume Animation Studio, The Anime adaptaion of Minami-Ke came to be. Minami-Ke’s first season was released at October 2007 – December 2007  and was broadcast by TV Tokyo. StarChild/ King Records was also a part of the production of Minami-Ke wherein, Distributor was King Record’s role.


This Story is one that lightly describes the ordinary daily lives of the three Minami sisters. Please don’t expect too much from it. Also, watch in a bright room, and stay 3 meters away from the TV while watching.

-Narration at the start of every episode

Minami-Ke! is about the everyday lives of the three Minami sisters: Chiaki, Kana and Haruka (In order from Youngest to Eldest). Basically the story revolves around Family and School life. Each of the Minami Sisters have different types of school life, each with a certain circle of friends which consists of not more than 5 people. At some point,each of  their circle of friends would be meet each other in the Minami household creating a kind of humor that’s innocent but hilarious at the same time thus making the phrase “Its funny because its true” applicable to the series.

Makoto in Class

Makoto in class afterschool

Makoto in Class at night







Chiaki Minami is the youngest of the three Minami sisters, She likes Kana but she prefers Haruka as her sister greatly. Chiaki is in Elementary with a circle of friends consisting of: Uchida, Makoto,Shuichi and Yoshino. Chiaki’s Circle of friends creates the innocent Humor in the series along with Touma who is in class 5-1 while the 5 of them are in Class 5-2 .

Kana Minami is the second year of Junior-high school along with Keiko,Fujioka and Riko they create the “Love & Confusion” humor theme where in they tackle the misunderstandings in love and confusions in academics. Actually kana is the center of that theme, she always is. All that “hyperness”  has been put to good use.


Haruka Minami is the eldest of the three sisters and she is in her 2nd year of high school. Her circle of friends consists of: Hayami, Maki and Atsuko. They create the “High School” Themed humor in the series along with Natsuki and Hosaka. Haruka, since she is the eldest acts motherly towards her sisters but not all the time.

Elementary Group

Junior-Highschool Group

High School Group






The Comedy Portion:

In Minami-Ke, The comedy is all clean, whether i’d be Cooking with Kana, Competing over grades with Kana, teaching Chiaki about Kissing and Relationships with Kana or simply Falling for Kana with Fujioka everything is funny. The Comedy in Minami-Ke is basically Slice of Life, Ecchi is present depending on how you look at certain events but mostly ecchi is not intended.

Kana will teach!!!


Tough Love!





My Comment [Good]:

Minami-Ke ranks number one in my top 5 Comedy Anime Series , ranks 3rd in my top 5 Slice of life Anime Series and ranks 8th in my overall top 20. Minami-Ke’s innocent school girl’s theme really stick with it until the end of the first season. Minami-Ke is like a sitcom only its Anime, Which makes it very interesting for me since I am very much into sitcoms and anime that seeing both of them in one really leaves me wanting more. The romance in Minami-Ke is creeping slowly and I expect more romance when season 4 arrives.

Minami-Ke is the Ideal Slice of life Anime Series, My expectations are well met and as for me I can’t anything that Minami-Ke lacks. Mostly because It was made up in the next 2 seasons.

Opening & Ending Songs:

The music was sung by the 3 voice actresses of Minami-Ke. I like the opening song of Season 1 and season 3 since they are somewhat connected. For the song i’d choose the season 3 opening i don’t know why, maybe because its catchy. As for season 1 opening I like the follow-up parts of the song like as the song goes after each verse there would be follow-up lyrics like “Hai!” “Woo!” “Yay!” which makes the opening very lively and interesting since there will be chibi versions of the characters what would pop up when those follow-up lyrics comes in. In the season 3 opening there are follow-up lyrics too only its not as much as of that in Season 1. So basically I like them both since they each have some parts of them that makes them a good song to listen too.

Other Info:

Minami-Ke: Okawari – Is the Series’ second season. Despite the change of art and Hair Color the series still maintained the factors that I have stated above. Minami-Ke: Okawari was produced by “Asread”. Season 2 is as of different format that off season 1.

Minami-Ke: Okaeri – Is the Series’ third season, Also produced by “Asread” but its more closely related to the first season unlike the second season which i think was experimented, Minami-Ke: Okaeri brings back the original Minami-Ke setting.

Minami-Ke: Betsubara – Is the first OVA on the series. The Art is somewhat different from season 1 but only alittle. The concept, Setting and characters are still the same. Color is somewhat similar to season 2.



2 Responses to “Minami-Ke”
  1. Overlord-G says:

    Pretty much the same way I felt about the series as a whole. Seasons 1, 3 and the OVA are pretty good while the 2nd season is a mixed bag. Chiaki’s awesome, Haruka’s hot and Kana’s hyperactive and amusing. I should watch this show again in the future.

  2. SnippetTee says:

    I also enjoyed this show. After watching Minami-ke, right away I watched Okawari then Okaeri. I like all three sisters, but I enjoyed the most is Kana and her denseness.

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