I couldn’t relate to Season 2 so I had to watch Season 1 first. Now I’m making a review on it.

Episodes: 13

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy

Year: April 4, 2010 – June 26, 2010

Downloads: [Piratebay: 1280×720 ; English Subs; 3.19GB]

 Wagnaria!! / Working!!


Working!! is a manga written by Karino Takatsu and has been serializeed since early 2005. Not only does the maker of Final Fantasy, Square Enix, freakin’ publish it, it’s also an ongoing series today. The anime adaptation of Working!! was directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike in 2010 along with A-1 Animation Studio. While Working!! is the original title, Wagnaria!! on the other hand is used somewhere in America. Someone there seems to have claimed the title Working!! and so they had to change the anime title to Wagnaria!! after the name of the anime’s workplace to avoid suing each other.


Working!! is about the lives of people that well… work in a family restaurant. It doesn’t mean that these are your average family restaurant workers. The employees in Wagnaria are unique and diverse. Takanashi, the protagonist of the story, finds himself working in Wagnaria as Taneshima asked him to. He accepted since Taneshima is tiny and cute even though she is older than him. Takanashi likes tiny and cute things but not in a sexual way.


Male Staff!

Female Staff!


Working!! features 70% Comedy, 20% Romance, 8% Action and 2% Ecchi

Opening & Ending songs:

The opening “Someone Else” is very catchy and the chibi Taneshimas are motto kawaii!! The male employees of Wagnaria sing the ending theme and it has perhaps a 70’s or 60’s spin to it, which is also a nice song if you listen to the whole thing. In short, both songs are great numbers. Oh, and “Someone Else” will surely be stuck in your head.









Takanashi Sota isthe main male protagonist. He likes cute and tiny things. He is very serious about work and he likes Taneshima for being cute and tiny. Takanashi is tough, which is made more evident as he gets beat up a lot by a female employee.

Inami Mahiru is the female employee who has androphobia (fear of men). She beats up Takanashi at least 3 times a day. On how Inami got her condition is a selfish, and at the same time, stupid act by a stupid father. She was trained as a child to view men as scary, thus making her first victim her father.

Taneshima Popura is a cute little high school student. She’s very hardworking and tries every way to get taller. She calls Takanashi as Katanashi since she finds it hard to say Takanashi. I have no idea why but it’s cute.

Todoroki Yachiyo is the chief of the restaurant. For me, her past is blurry since her family owns a shop that makes and sells blades. She carries a katana around which makes the costumers (and Takanashi) very uncomfortable. She likes Kyoko since she protected Yachiyo from bullies as a child.

Shirafuji Kyoko is the manager of the restaurant. She likes to eat, works as the cashier but most of the time she doesn’t really work.

Jun Sato, Souma Hiroomi both work in the kitchen. Sato will often tease Taneshima and has a liking for Yachiyo. Souma would use his knowledge of everyone to get his work done by everyone.

and…Aoi Yamada, Otoo Hyogo, Matsumoto Maya

Series Couples:

Inami & Takanashi

Inami & Takanashi

Their relationship is somewhat one-sided, or maybe not. It could be that Takanashi is enduring it all just to be with Inami or maybe Takanashi is just a very nice guy and is intent in helping Inami cure her androphobia. Either way, Takanashi is into cute and tiny things. He likes Taneshima but I don’t think in a romantic way.


Yachiyo & Kyoko

Yachiyo & Kyoko

These two go way back in their day, Yachiyo was always getting picked on by bullies since she carries around a katana. Kyoko helped her out and Kyoko got a share of Yachiyo’s bread. That pretty much started it all. For Yachiyo, Kyoko is cool and Kyoko’s intention is bread. Yachiyo dislikes Otoo for bringing Kyoko food souvenirs. Kyoko dislikes Otoo for not bringing food. That’s pretty much how their story goes.

Yachiyo & Sato

Yachiyo & Sato

Another one-sided relationship, Sato likes Yachiyo but she doesn’t know. At some point in the series, Aoi tells Yachiyo that Sato likes him. When the two finally talk about it in the employee lounge Sato just sends her off by stating it was somewhat a misunderstanding. Whenever Sato sees Yachiyo serving  Kyoko he gets frustrated inside and picks on Taneshima. Souma would tease him often about this and Souma would end up being tapped by any kitchen item Sato is holding.

Souma & Aoi

Aoi & Souma

Yeah, they’re not really a couple. Its more of Aoi wants Souma to be his big brother thing. Nothing Romantic.

Taneshima & “Katanashi”

Taneshima & Takanashi

Takanashi likes Taneshima but Taneshima likes the cross-dressing Takanashi. Taneshima admires his cross-dressing since that’s what she wants to be in the future. Also, no romantic thing going on whatsoever.


Souma relationships explanation

Taneshima Worshiping Takanashi

Yachiyo mad at Otoo

Sato teasing Taneshima


My Comment:

I really like how Working!! presents itself, Although there’s not much story in the series. As for the characters, as you can see information on them is very much incomplete, it was intended so we would expect more seasons to come. Overall, this series is a blast and it really stuck with its Slice of Life genre feel. Even though I haven’t talked about the other characters in the series: three of which are also Wagnaria employees, and Takanashi’s family of 4 sisters. I’ll just leave them up to you. The only thing that bums me out in this series is that no romantic relationships were formed but I could see how it would ruin the flow of the series.

Well thanks for viewing today’s post. Season 2 of Working!! is up next. It’s not going to be a review since the series is still ongoing so next up is a Previ-Mentary.



2 Responses to “Working!!”
  1. Overlord-G says:

    What everyone should know when approaching Working!: Yamada Aoi is a comedic genius. As long as you acknowledge that, you’re automatically awesome in my book.

    • Subarashikun says:

      She hasn’t caught my attention here in season 1 but in season 2 she is all over the place! don’t worry OG-sama, My post on season 2 will be to your liking… haha i hope tnx for d comment ^_^

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