My Experience on Dragonborn DLC

Everyone Dies!

Before anything let me just share a summary of the events of the 5th episode of Shingeki no Kyojin.

I can’t wait for episode 6 I have read some of the manga already I stopped because i felt like I’m showing spoilers to myself, Moving on.



-=The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim=-



Like the Dawnguard DLC, Dragonborn starts of by meeting an NPC that will fill you in on the details that will take you on board the story line. While others who have played finished both the Dawnguard and the Dragonborn quest line will state that Dragonborn is better than dawnguard, I myself says otherwise. Dragonborn caters to to a new theme that will show you a deeper and darker understanding of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim


SolstheimThe third DLC for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim does not only feature a longer and darker story line but It also introduces a new area very much larger than the Soul Cairn of the Dawnguard DLC where everyone and everything is dead and there is nothing much to do. The new place called Solstheim where there is life and living. Basically its a whole new continent to explore.

2013-05-04_00007And then there is the place of Hermaeus Mora, you might know him if you have finished the Main Quest of Skyrim the daedra that presented himself as a black eye with tentacles. I mean the place is just so dark and confusing, its a challenge but it looks so alienish. Its very green and very black it kinda resembles a very dirty sewer with mutations inhabiting the place but its alright.

Now for my favorite part the New Armor sets and clothes! they are horrible. The modding community in SkyrimNexus have great armor designs why can’t bethesda just examine and made  good looking armor sets? Now that i think about it kinda matches the rest of Dragonborn, weird and deformed.  So i use the armor mods made by Brokefoot at the skyrim nexus, Mixed out different combinations and i ended up with a awesome looking Bride of Fire.

2013-05-04_00012 2013-05-04_000232013-05-04_000682013-05-04_00034

Final Battle=-

2013-05-04_00051The final fight is very very frustrating because it was so challenging specially if the difficulty is on Legendary, compared to the final fight in Dawnguard against the master vampire that was also very frustrating. So to compare the two DLCs i guess i’d go for the Dawnguard’s Final battle it is more strategic for me though dragonborn’s final fight was an eye opener I mean I ran out of potions, I couldn’t summon Odhaviing or Durnehviir, and that was my strategy to defeat the other dragonborn, I thought dragonborn vs dragonborn? No problem I have 2 dragons! which i cannot summon and he has…. oh wait he also has 2 dragons but they are good dragons since they don’t help the other dragonborn to inflict damage on me but when the other dragonborn is low on health they come down and… they commit suicide and the other dragonborn absorbs their soul and restoring his health… it was a bitch.


2013-05-04_00061If you are finished with everything in skyrim then Dragonborn will make you keep playing more! with a new map with new areas, dungeons, quest and lame clothing designs you will not be bored with the dragonborn DLC. Now the reason I think Dawnguard is better is that in dawnguard the feel of the story does affect you in a way where i tried to marry serana but i found out she cannot be married so I married her anyway with the help of the mod: Marriable Serana not only that even though dawnguard is smaller i felt that i have more purpose playing dawnguard due to it not requiring you to be a dragonborn but either a Vampire or a Vampire hunter and that is whats great, more on relationships the NPCs in dragonborn which i helped didn’t really connect to me unlike the family of serana that shared their background and i even killed serana’s father for being a complete sucker (He is the master vampire). Story… Taking over by yourself with the help of a demon seems a bit oh i don’t know lacking? unlike saving a chick from the hands of her father who is trying to put the world in eternal darkness so the night people can call be as one as the day walkers now that is something.

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