Otaku no Video

Said to be based on a true story of how the company Gainax was created, Otaku no Video, as the title implies does hold information on the early life of the Otaku community. Speaking of which most of the Otaku community today had no idea that the Otaku community back in the days are looked down upon and are believed that Anyone who classify themselves as otaku lack a social life. It makes you glad to be an Otaku in this current time.



Ken Kubo had a normal life until he was introduced into a group of Otaku which slowly influenced him abandon his old life and become and otaku that has a goal of becoming the Otaku of Otakus- the Otaking!


Portrait of an Otaku

Along with the anime storyline there are some sections inside the video that illustrates the different types of Otaku, the sections are called “Portrait of an Otaku” which gives us an inside look on the different hobbies that the original Otaku partake in. It shows an interview with an Otaku and their different types of hobbies as an Otaku. The section has a sad atmosphere during these parts, it gives a sense of pity to the one being interviewed. Literary it looks bad. It makes the Otaku community look bad.

Ken Kubo, Otaking

Starting with the life he had before he became and otaku to the moment he became an otaku was relatable. A person who knows nothing of the subculture but then was introduced to it and its variety does spark interest. The way he slowly lost everything in becoming one felt degrading but its all part of the inner feel of the video.



I am without a doubt impressed with this two episode OAV. Not only did I learn more about the Otaku Community and its origin but it made me pity myself on what i could become in the future. This OAV did not aim to badmouth the Otaku community rather it plans you to stay an otaku without being an otaku. I have to admit in watching the first 30 minutes it was hard for me to accept that that is the otaku life. To make a long review short, you learn, Learn from the information shown, learn from the story it tells and learn that a hobby, with proper management, will get you somewhere in life.

Anime Information

Type: OAV
Episodes: 2
DirectorTakeshi Mori
Aired: Sep 27, 1991 to Dec 20, 1991
Runtime: 50 Minutes per Episode
Producer: Gainax


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4 Responses to “Otaku no Video”
  1. Overlord-G says:

    The moral of your review and the show’s message, depending on how strong their willpower is, a person will either become an Aragorn or a Gollum.

  2. Ian Bongat says:

    I also recommend Genshiken, otaku’s life. ^_^

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