Gakkatsu, in other words “classroom activities”, is directed by Rareko and produced by NHK.



Gakkatsu, in other words “Classroom activities”. This School, Inayama Middle School, lets students be on their own during class activity period so they can engage in lively debates. -Gakkatsu intro.


Despite the cute art that can get one’s attention, the content is not bad. In fact one may find themselves asking same questions and finding the answer by watching each episode. Though Gakkatsu does not present a storyline to follow through since its a short episode series, you can find yourselves watching episode after episode just for the fun of it. You may find that some of the Agendas presented in the series,  you might have discussed with your friends when you we’re 14, the same age as the characters in the series.


This Anime gave me a good laugh. I assume this Anime was placed in-between commercials, though its still included in the TV schedule, due to its short but fun episodes. to be clear, the Topics are awesome and it is worth watching ^_^ (ran out of words)


Anime Information

Type: Series
Episodes: 25
Director: Rareko
Aired: April 3, 2012 to September 18, 2012
Runtime: 5 Minutes per Episode
Producer: NHK


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For more information visit the official page NHKアニメワールド ガッ活!




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