Baby Princess 3D Paradise

The Anime title shown in the video is 2D not 3D, though in Anime Information sites its really 3D. So basically since this is an OVA i assume the creators haven’t got enough funding for a full series, then again maybe this was their plan all along. If that is the case then that plan sucked, such a beautiful fanservice concept and they stuck with an OVA with only 1 episode. The title itself is very intriguing i mean at first glace i assume this was some kind of Majo-shoujo kind of Anime then WHAM! i got hit by the fanservice train.




Having arranged a trip, yotaro’s mother, sent yotaro and her 19 daughters on a trip to welcome yotaro to his new true family.


Really impressed with the art of this one-episode-OVA, they might have only made one but they sure made it so in top quality. I guess its an Ecchi anime but the sexual senses are low, meaning there are no grabbing, no face-to-crotch, no sexual-position-stareoff. Let me put it this way, the ecchiest thing that happened in this one-episode-OVA was 2 accidental ass grabs. everything else was for romantic purposes where most of the girls are trying to kiss yotaro. It would have been better if this is a 12 episode series, or 24+ episodes that’d be nice, having to know the personalities of each one so we can decide who among the 19 is best, wait not 19, 12 because 7 are still little kids. Though i assume if this was turned into a series then an Incest tag would appear.


Anime Information

Type: OVA
Episodes: 1
Director:Takayuki Inagaki
Aired: July 20, 2011
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Producer:Studio Comet
Genres: Seinen, Harem, Ecchi


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5 Responses to “Baby Princess 3D Paradise”
  1. Overlord-G says:

    The harem is far too big for me to even pay attention. There is a limit to how many girls I can stand losing valuable brain cells for the sake of degrading themselves for a guy. Now if it were a strong and respectable woman they were after….

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