Mirai Nikki: Another World

Mirai Nikki: Another World is a Live action adaptation of the Anime Series, Mirai Nikki. As the title suggest it is set in Another World, same Future Diary concept and other applications but the story is quite different. Think of it as a somewhat realistic Mirai Nikki experience. Mirai Nikki: Another World is directed by  Namiki Michiko and Miyaki Shogo.

Mirai Nikki - Another Word


7 Diaries that can show the owner’s future, 7 people to claim them but only one shall remain.

NOTE: Mirai Nikki isn’t based on the Manga, it presents new characters and a new story but basically the same concept.


There are a few negatives that caught my attention but its not really that damaging to really disapprove of the series. The person in charge of blending the Light effects on whats real and what are effects didn’t quite got the job right, he/she focused too much on the effect when people die that looks pretty good by the way. Their list of Soundtracks seems to be only composed of a few music. Lastly the storyline of the last few episodes are questionable.

Nevertheless their concept on a realistic Future Diary looks totally badass that I want one on my phone. The “Dedo endo” sequences looks convincing. Yandere still has a special place for the live action though it isn’t as extreme as the Yandere that YUNO GASAI expressed which i am totally into if i may add ^_^ It is not required to watch the Anime or read the manga before watching the live action since the live action has its own story and it seems to stand for itself.


I like this live action of Mirai Nikki, though you may find somethings about the story which you do not like, that is only because you have read and watched the Manga and Anime of Mirai Nikki. Knowing the Anime, the live action is a Let down in terms of the action scenes between the holders of the future diary. A good twist to the story is what keeps the audience tuned in and that kept the live action to be the success that it is today.


vlcsnap-2013-06-13-12h44m35s206vlcsnap-2013-06-13-12h38m37s221vlcsnap-2013-06-12-14h16m24s239Series Information

Genre: Romance, Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi
Episodes: 11
DirectorsNamiki MichikoMiyaki Shogo
Producer: Fujino Ryota
Aired: April 21, 2012 – June 30, 2012
Theme Song: Another:World by Shibasaki Kou


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Visit the official site http://www.fujitv.co.jp/mirai-nikki/index.html




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