Introduction of New Authors

Blogging is easy, you talk about yourself and the topic of your choice but there comes a time when you would want to expand. The want to know other things so you can share with other people. It is not easy forcing yourself to new content that you have no expertise on. Think about this: Posting a topic that you are an expert on and Posting a topic where you are new to. When made in to the finished product which is a post you have a lot of things to say with the topic you are an expert in while posting a topic which is new to you felt like a chore. I tried to be the best of all fields but i have to admit I am not.

Don’t you just hate it when you run out of topics to make a post about? That happened to me lots of times in my 3 years of blogging which discouraged me from blogging a lot of times. In 3 years I have skipped a total of 16 months without blogging. I’ll won’t worry about that this time, This time I’ll be sticking with my own expertise since now i have acquired bloggers that have expertise different from mine. No longer shall this blog run out of things to offer.

Anyway these guys wants to offer their insights to the Anime Community, so please welcome the Authors of


Zweimac is a bit of an explorer, whenever he finds something he likes he will look for other things that will make the thing he likes better. He his the type that loves to play games like Minecraft and Terarria. He does not care for the overall look of things he goes for the experience. He is quite into gaming, he plays Eroge whether is awesome or plain ridiculous.
Favorite Genres: Psychological, Shounen, Romance
Lease Favorite Genre: Shoujo
Disliked Genres: Yaoi , Gore

Expertise: EROGE


Like Zweimac, Luxis goes for the experience rather than how it looks. Luxis is the type that goes into great detail on things that he finds interesting. Luxis will always do a research, its like he is making a thesis only the topic is whatever it is presented to him whether he likes it or not he will google it. In short he is a bit of a know-it-all.
Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Action, Shounen, Sci-fi, Magic
Least Favorite Genre: “I don’t have any, I read every kind”
Disliked Genres: “I don’t have any, I read every kind”

Expertise: Manga


Traydoor is the kind of person that checks out weird stuff. He rates Anime and Manga according to how “Mind-fucked” he got by watching or reading about it. He is quite the strategic person and does well with being strategic in real life or in games. Also he has a GFCom (Girl Friend Complex) he is very very into his girlfriend and i was promised to be the best man when they are to be married in the future.
Favorite Genres: Psychological, Horror, Fantasy, Slice of life
Least Favorite Genre: Kids
Disliked Genres: Yaoi, Bishounen

Expertise: Anime Movies , OVA

I’m looking forward to bringing you quality post with these 3.


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