Onani Master Kurosawa

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If you like manga with an interesting story, good pace of development, and believable characters or simply you are a fan of Death Note, then I suggest you read on!

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Sample Preview

“Onani Master Kurosawa”, literally translates to “Masturbation Master Kurosawa”, is a self-published work by Ise Katsura(Story) and Yokota Takuma(Art). When I first read the title I thought this was going to be another overly ecchi manga full of up-skirt panty shots, big-breasted women whose sole existence is providing fan service, and a weird twisted plot that doesn’t necessarily make any sense  and  most likely revolves around some guy masturbating. The thing is, it gives off that sort of impression at the start, but keep on reading and you will be in for a nice surprise.

Manga Info:

Genre: Doujinshi, Drama, Mature, Parody, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Seinen
Author(s): Ise Kagura(Story), Yokota Takuma(Art)
Volumes: 4
Chapters: 31
Status: Completed

The Story

Kakeru Kurosawa is a junior high school student with a laid back and antisocial lifestyle. He solely interacts with people to keep them at distances where you can’t exactly call them his friends or enemies. If there is one thing he can be serious about, it is his ‘daily lesson’. Masturbating in the girls’ toilet on the 3rd floor every day after school, when most of the students have gone home is something he is so serious about that he calls it his ‘duty/justice’. Justice? Now where have we all heard that before? Where else but Death Note!? This part of Kurosawa’s character is actually a parody of Death Note as well as his similar ‘just as planned’ expression. Kurosawa is basically a younger and perverted version of Light Yagami except he is only good at fapping.

Now the story slowly turns more mature and will take you for a ride of your life where you will experience a mix of different emotions as Kurosawa does his best to protect his closely ‘guarded’ secret. When not long after the start of his 3rd year in junior high, his laid back lifestyle is turned upside down when a girl, who constantly gets bullied, discovers his ‘daily lesson’ and blackmails him into carrying out her redemption. Kurosawa will encounter a future full with romance, heartbreak, friendship, blackmail and redemption. Not necessarily in that order.

The Art

Now, some of you may disagree but I think the art is great, it suits the overall feel of the manga quite well. Although it may look a little sketchy and undetailed, it does more than a good job on illustrating the story. You never feel lost, you always understand where the scene is, the characters expressions are clear and understandable and also the mood of the scenes is brilliantly portrayed. The paneling and the positions of the text bubbles are well done, making it easy for the reader’s eyes to follow.




I give this manga my thumbs up, definitely a recommendation and a good read.

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Thank you and see you next time!


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