Perfect Blue

Psychological is the name of the game of Perfect Blue. It sucks your brains out and throws it back while watching it. After all is said and done, you’ll realize everything and how it fits all together. If you like that sort of experience, then you may like this movie.

Perfect Blue.avi_snapshot_00.02.35_[2013.06.15_17.50.24]


Mima, a popular idol, suddenly turns into TV acting which puts her life on danger when violent and deadly reactions arise from fans for her move.


The film was released way, way back on 1997. But that doesn’t mean it looks bad or anything. The animation actually is quite decent, meanwhile the art is sort of “fitting” for this kind of anime. Since probably its aim is to rape your mind, all kinds of effects are introduced liked hazy colors, flashing stills, the like you’ve seen in similar films like End of Evangelion or Paprika. Perfect Blue perfectly sets the tone and mood for a story with a pervertive maniac on the loose hunting you. It’s directed by Satoshi Kon, who then makes more classics such as Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika after this.


Perfect Blue starts out stale and boring when everything is introduced. But when the movie picked up the pace and in motion boy, was it a ride. At some point you will question Mima as a character because she’s just so fucked up. A few graphic scenes were added to intensely portray the conflicting issues, like a rape scene which intrugingly and surprisingly gives you the B. If you know what I mean. Seriously, that scene was realistically executed, it even creeped out my girlfriend.

The conclusion was a surprise twist and it was good. It’s good because when you think about all of it, it all makes sense and it all fits into place. It lets you realize the importance of your existence to yourself and most especially to others. It’s a wonderful experience.

At the end of the day, Perfect Blue is a classic. It has been on many ‘films you must watch’ lists I’ve seen. I support that claim and I definitely recommend you to watch it. I suggest you to just stomach everything until the end and I hope you understand why it’s good.

Perfect Blue.avi_snapshot_00.15.09_[2013.06.15_17.50.59]   Perfect Blue.avi_snapshot_00.32.41_[2013.06.15_17.52.03]   Perfect Blue.avi_snapshot_00.49.11_[2013.06.15_17.52.29]   Perfect Blue.avi_snapshot_01.00.05_[2013.06.15_17.52.40]


Genre: Psychological, Thriller, Horror
Running Time : 85 minutes
Director : Satoshi Kon
Release Date : July 1997


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