Have nothing to do? Then why not check out this short episode called Shake-chan! also known as Salmon-chan! It isn’t going to take any time at all. You can own a copy or just view it on Youtube. It’s something you should watch for whatever reason you are told.

Salmon-chan is a Graduation Work for Nihon Kogakuin College Manga Animation Department.



Shake-chan tries out various methods in high hopes she gets eaten.


What could a six minute show offer you? Shake-chan/Salmon-chan, depending on your sense of humor, will make you laugh. Truth be told though, I did not laugh aside from the usual smirk but the humor in this wasn’t enough to make me LOL on my seat. What got me interested though is how cute she is. I mean, come on, just look at her with her cute appearance. She looks like a kid in a salmon costume!

Okay fine you got me! I laughed at one point; the one when a fisherman hooked Salmon-chan then they had a stare down contest. It was funny! Okay, so as much as I don’t really recommend you watching this, I don’t recommend you to ignore this either. It is up to you to decide if you want to check it out. I’m just saying that although it’s not going to take much of your time it might not be worth your time. Either way, in the end, you’ll have to ask why.



Type: OVA/ WebEpisode
Episodes: 1
Runtime: 6 Minutes
Aired: September 3, 2012

Download by Bakabt: Easy to download and Easy to seed, Its a win win with Salmon-chan get your points in bakabt boosted just keep seeding salmon-chan!

NOTE: Please consider to register at the site or rather Seed when you are finished downloading it greatly helps the Otaku Community


For More information Visit [ Anime-Planet AniDB ]


9 Responses to “Salmon-Chan!”
  1. sutrablue says:

    Impossible to seed from Bakabt, =D
    And in 24 hour they change the string.
    Almost all the torrent 97-99% are Seeder afterall, you only get 1% left for seed =D

    • Gisei says:

      Oh hmmm, but still you get your ratio up by not removing the finished download that 1% will help someone ^__^

    • sutrablue says:

      What a fast reply, hehe

      Yep but sometime it has no leecher at all, that mean no seed 🙂

      Any link from YT, you said you can copy and paste it, but I don’t see any link here?

    • Gisei says:

      Of course I am currently making a review on an anime series and its going to be longer than my usual posts to be published on the 18th of june. sorry uhm what is YT?

    • sutrablue says:

      You Tube 🙂
      What anime series you currently making review right now?

    • Gisei says:

      Oh, you’re right i did say that… thanks for telling me I’ll add a youtube video right away as for your question i’m keeping it a secret till then ^_^

    • sutrablue says:

      ahh, as I though, hahaha
      Ok, till next post then =D

  2. Overlord-G says:

    Since I’m a lighthearted soul who is amused by the simple things in life, this was a fun watch. Goofd for you Salmon-chan, you got eaten like you always wanted.

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