Koe no Katachi

Hello guys!
Here’s another manga for you again. Surprisingly, this is another amateur/newbie work.  It’s relatively short, but I’m sure you will like it.

I have some questions for you. Do you hate bullies? Have you ever been bullied before? I’m sure you’ve all experienced bullying, even if indirectly. Maybe you’ve seen a friend or a classmate of yours being bullied? Have you ever felt the need to help them but were unable to do so because you feared you would be bullied as well? Or perhaps you’ve been the bully? And hopefully you’ve grown and understood the error of your ways. This manga will bring back out your feelings and memories about those experiences. It’s amazing for a one-shot to be able to do that, in addition to just telling the story specially under limited number of pages(20). This manga will definitely move your heart or at least give you that warm fuzzy feeling. AAAWWWW!

This one-shot won 80th in the Weekly Shounen Magazine Newbie Best Mangaka Award. If that wasn’t amazing enough, it also took 1st place when it was published on Bessatsu Shounen Magazine.


Genre: Drama, One-shot, School Life, Shounen
Author(s): Ooima Yoshitoki
Chapters: 1*
Status: Completed



Koe no Katachi is a story about a young boy who bullies a young deaf girl. When bully finally comes to understand the bullied, what bears fruit is a beautiful friendship.

The Story

There’s not much to say about the story really, other than it’s great. Considering that it’s a one-shot, I don’t want to say anything more because it may spoil the manga for you. Good story, good drama, good manga. Just go check it out for yourself.

The Art

The manga is very well drawn, it has an original art style. It is very neat and clean. If you didn’t like the art of the other manga I reviewed about, then you will likely find this more appealing.

Here’s the full scale for the featured image, like I said its very short if I posted page previews, it will just spoil the manga for you.



I definitely recommend this manga for everybody, this is probably one of those good ones that you don’t want to miss out on reading.

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Thank you and see you next time!


*Note: This manga is no longer a one-shot and is currently serialized with 54 chapters as of 9/29/2014.


21 Responses to “Koe no Katachi”
  1. sutrablue says:

    Heart touching, indeed T_T
    I remembered day when I still child and I got bullied (really mean that I could cry anytime but can’t) by kid that NOW is my best friend. Weird isn’t it, I don’t know how that happen, I forget and I don’t want to remember that dark past again.
    And did you also ever get bullied yourself Gisel-san?

    And wait you said Anime, isn’t it Manga?

    • sutrablue says:

      Ah sorry, different Author, don’t mind last comment =D

    • zweimac says:

      Hi sutrablue, 🙂 thanks for commenting. This review was actually written by me Zweimac, Subarashikun.wordpress.com is owned by Gisei, but is also composed of different authors, I being one of them.

      Anyway, when it comes to either bullying and being bullied, I am ashamed to say I have been on both sides. I have bullied other people, I hope it wasn’t that bad for them at that point in time, maybe I’m just spouting words for self comfort. But yes those were some dark times, I regret them and I have learned my lesson.

    • sutrablue says:

      Yes, sorry I was chat with Gisel in previous post Salmon-Chan, so I though you were him 🙂
      Just call me Sutra or Blu is fine 🙂 so how can I call you? Mac?

      Well, we can call it Endless Chain, Senpai/Senior pass it onto us while we pass it into our Kouhai/Junior and Junior past it into next generation, and still go on until now.
      Kid nowadays have tough days, eh, I really sympatize with them especially with those who born with handicap, you know what I mean right, Physical Defect, and yet they got bullied.

      Back to manga, if only kid willing to read this kind of manga, will they understand how bad is bullying?

    • zweimac says:

      Yeah that’s a pretty interesting thought. Some bullies are just blind to the pain of others, if they come to understand the pain of others, like the boy in the manga I’m sure they would realize that bullying is a mistake.

      I think kids will understand it in their own way, the same with adults. Change can sometimes be harder for adults though because they’re much more stubborn than kids, they feel like they’re grown ups and everything they think is right.

      You just have to be patient with them, it’s like they’re being a kid again. You have to let them make their own mistakes so that they learn that things like bullying is bad.

    • sutrablue says:

      Yep, Adult sometimes can be more like kid than The Kid itself, sometimes I wonder “Whose the real kid here, Adult or The Children”
      You’re totally right, stubborn adult are harder to handle than hyperactive kid. They never listen to advice, and always did what they this is right. They only realize when they did the mistake themself and sometimes it is too late. What a pain.

      You know, I realize how bad bullying and the true meaning of life is from anime, become otaku is not that bad, huh, hehehe =D

    • Gisei says:

      Hi aoi-san! i never got bullied, no one would try, before when people do something i don’t like they we’re dead to me and nobody wanted that so i think thats why they avoided disappointing me, ain’t that right Zweimac?^__^

    • sutrablue says:

      You’re lucky boy, ain’t ya. =D
      Diferrent place give different circumstance, and you got the nice one, Gisel san
      I envy you =D
      Well thanks to that I now befriend with bully Kid =D

    • Gisei says:

      Well i didn’t really bully anyone, I just didn’t interact much with people much back when i was a kid.

    • sutrablue says:

      Neither do I, what I mean is I I became friend with kid that used to bully other.
      Well, look like he has family problem, maybe thats why he always bully other. I coincidentally know his problem while passing his house on a way to school. I slowly approach him and help his problem, hardly but finally he willing listen to me, and slowly began to stop bullying.
      I used to be coward in the past, and he help me to overcome it, I don’t remember what exactly happened back then, but it was really my best memories with him, hehe

    • Gisei says:

      thats nice, that would make for a good manga, or a movie like 5 centimeters per second. that movie made me tear up alittle. ^_^

    • sutrablue says:

      Ah, 5 cm per second, take back my memories, yes it’s indeed touching. I heard that movie won award, wow
      I’m looking movie similar to that, do you have any reference or recommendation?

    • zweimac says:

      you should try “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day” definitely try it man

    • sutrablue says:

      Yes that definitely must watch, I cry a lot in the nearly ending when Menma gonna say farewell =D, I heard they make new season for Ano Hana. Also Clannad I laugh a lot in Season 1 but Cry a lot on Season 2 =D. Thanks for the advice Mac-san, really appreciate =D

    • Gisei says:

      I suggest all of Makoto Shinkai’s work. he made 5 centimeters per second all of his movies are kinda like that.

    • sutrablue says:

      Will do that, thanks Gisel-san, till next post then =D

  2. spiksel says:

    Wow this is really great! 🙂

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