Greatest Anime Scenes # 1 – Berserk Evangelion

The purpose of this post series/webisode is to remember the greatest moments in Anime. To be called ‘great’, it means it had a lasting impact on you when you first watched the scene. It made you like the series as a whole and you just felt awesome. Think about it, what’s the best moment in your favorite anime series?

To kick this series off, Imma’ start with the greatest scene (in my opinion) of my most favorite anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. For non-viewers of NGE, basically what happens here is that EVA-01 (the giant android) runs out of battery while fighting the  Angel (that monster). Then the EVA unexpectedly restarts and goes berserk, becoming a “beast”.

This scene, for me, is the greatest as it clearly shows what Neon Genesis Evangelion really is about. It showed how dark and different the series had become. What with the level of animation during that time (1996) it showed that this series was not your average mecha anime. In fact, for me it’s not mecha at all. You can clearly see blood spraying when the EVA’s hand gets cut off, since EVAs are not robots but humanoids (minor spoiler).

But what really made an impact was right after the EVA went berserk, it manifested a beast-like stance and it moved like an animal. Goosebumps rose on my skin when I saw this. When it started eating the Angel, I was just dumbfounded. Man, this show is crazy!

Well that’s the end of this short post. Comment below what anime or scene you would like to be featured in this web series. Ja ne~


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