Bokura Ga Ita

So this is my first time writing about a review of an anime. Please go easy on me because I don’t watch a lot of it so I review it in my own perspective. For my first post, I’ve decided to write about this anime that has a special place in my heart. This is my first Shoujo anime, considering I’m a girl. I watched in when I was already in college and it’s none other than Bokura Ga Ita (We were there).



This is about a girl named Nanami Takahashi who fell in love with a carefree and lovable boy Motoharu Yano who turns out to have a messed up past.


At first impression you would think that the story only revolves around a girl who falls in love with a boy and that the story would just go about how she’s frustrated about how she’ll be able to let the boy know and then the challenges she would have to face in order to end up confessing with the boy. You’ll expect it to have a happy ending. But what makes Bokura Ga Ita unique is the plot of the story and how it is presented. It’s quite unpredictable because of the sudden shifts of events after a steadfast flow.

While I was watching the series I was somehow able to relate to the events (well, okay during that time I was in a phase where I liked daydreaming that I was Nanami) taking place with the characters. Each episode portrays events that can happen in real life which makes it enticing and hard not to talk about. The characters are very relevant and each has a distinctive story to tell, which either makes you love or hate them.

I can say that this anime has that “roller-coaster ride” feel in it because it takes you to places where you don’t want to be. There are situations where in the story talks about the pros and cons of being in a relationship. You learn things that can help you handle the negative parts of having a partner especially if he/she is quite messed up. On the bright side, the series also has the quirky, sweet and “butterflies-on-my-stomach” moments that would want to make girls like me pine about it.


Personally, I judge an anime with how it is presented in terms of drawing. Bokura Ga Ita has this way of catching a viewers eye because of the way it is drawn. The background are sort of made in watercolor which makes it different from other anime. Although, sometimes the drawings lack in detail especially in crowd scenes. In terms of animation, I wouldn’t give it an A  grade because it’s not very solid looking compared to normal shoujo standards nowadays. On the other hand, I find the music very appealing because you tend to sing along (for me) and it draws you to the important scenes.

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GENRE: Shoujo, Romance, Drama, Slice of Life
AIRED: July 3, 2006 – December 25, 2006
RUNTIME: 24+ minutes
DIRECTOR: Akitaro Daichi
OPENING THEME: “Kimi Dake O” by Mi


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Visit the Official Site 僕等がいた



3 Responses to “Bokura Ga Ita”
  1. Luxis says:

    An anime where they have sex on the first episode…….nice

    • clawyoureyes says:

      Luxis, fyi this is not THAT anime…you are probably talking about a more revealing type of shoujo anime. don’t get it mixed up with this one. although, yeah, there was one or two “almost” bed scenes. but otherwise it is harmless…:P

    • Luxis says:

      I never said anything that it was THAT kind of anime… I just wanted to say that it was an anime that had that kind of content……so stop making me sound like a pervert 😛

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