Aku no Hana

Aku no Hana. Oh man, this manga series. It will literally flip you off, but in a good way. Reading this manga from the start to its latest chapter was like eating a banana. You peel off the banana, you see the tip. It looks damn normal. So you eat it, you say “Meh, another normal banana.” When you’re halfway done, something has changed, it looked darker, you know that foul looking part of a banana. But it tastes better than before. Then you finish eating, you’re bewildered why that ugly looking banana tasted so freaking’ good. If you like those sorts of bananas, then you’ll like Aku no Hana.



Aku no Hana is about a boy named Kasuga Takao who accidentally steals the gym uniform of her crush, Saeki Nanako. Surprisingly, Nakamura Sawa knows about this, and starts blackmailing Takao to do anything she wants.


Genre: Drama, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life
Author: Shuzo Oshimi
Chapters: 46
Status: Ongoing


Aku no Hana(Flowers of Evil) from start to finish is a roller coaster. Considering that it’s still ongoing, it’s one hell of a ride. It’s well drawn, and well written. But the best thing about this manga is its awesome pacing. It was so well done that I finished all of its available chapters in one night, in one go. I didn’t sleep. The main driving force to read that next chapter is: What’s gonna happen to Kasuga? It’s always that question.

But what really did happen to Kasuga? The main character of this story has been through a lot. And it’s all because of the blackmailing of Nakamura. No doubt, Nakamura Sawa is one of the best written characters in a long while. She is so fucked up that you’ll continuously think “WTF” in your mind every time she does something weird. This will continue from the start until halfway. Then you’ll slowly understand Nakamura, why she does things like that. Eventually, you’ll change the way you see her.

So you may ask, what were those weird stuff you were talking about? Hmmm. Nakamura undressing and dressing Kasuga with Saeki’s gym clothes in the library, collecting all of the girls panties, boy rape, that sort of stuff. You might think, why in the hell would you want to read a manga with that sort of content? It’s because of the intricate and deep development of the characters. Kasuga from chapter one is 1000x different from Kasuga in chapter forty. I think it’s interesting to see how those weird acts change them and the effect they have on other people.

What’s more is that you can’t really describe what genre this manga is focusing on. It starts with a sort of romance, comedy and a slice of life and later on progress into a psychological drama with weird shit going on. It’s a fascinating take on storytelling that you’ll see once in a while.



Aku no Hana is presented in a unique fashion. Halfway through the series, panels with landscape and set stills fill the chapter, with only so few dialogues in between. I guess heavy dialogue readers from One Piece or Death Note will find this odd, but for me, it was a breeze to read through. Since each chapter has 30+ pages, it’s fine.

The art at the start was sort of clunky. Kasuga’s facial expressions was good, but the body posture and poses were kinda weird at times. The author uses traced photographs as backgrounds, and the effect is great. Halfway through the series, the art had changed and the character designs became more solid-looking and overall the manga looked awesome. Not to mention those still landscapes I was talking about.

screen1    screen2screen3    screen4


I definitely recommend Aku no Hana to people who want something new. Even though you don’t like psychological shit, please, just read 10 chapters of this series. On a side note, read the manga first before watching the anime. It’ll put you off even more to not getting into the series. For me it was kind of artistic, but for pure anime lovers, it is completely shit.

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  1. Spiksel says:

    Nice review, i agree about the banana part lol 😛

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