Hikaru no Go

If you like a psychologically thrilling shounen type of manga, then you’d probably find Hikaru No Go quite satisfying. The story is concentrated around a board game called Go and normally you’d think that would be boring but expect to feel the same excitement (and more!) that you would normally find from reading an awesome sports or shounen manga like Hajime no Ippo or Bakuman. Speaking of Bakuman this manga was drawn by the same artist, Obata Takeshi. If you’re a massive fan of him, like me, then that’s another reason you should be reading this manga. It contains all the lovely stuff that you would find in a good shounen manga, like the underdog feeling where the protagonist works hard towards a goal or dream he wants to achieve, the importance of friendship and rivalry, and most of all the power of believing in yourself. AAWWWW!! Isn’t that nice?


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Psychological, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural
Author(s):  Obata Takeshi(Art), Hotta Yumi (Story)
Volumes: 23
Chapters: 197
Status: Completed



Hikaru No Go is about a boy named Shindo Hikaru, who was dragged into the world of Go (board game) after being possessed by a ghost named Fujiwarano Sai.

The Story

Continuing on from the summary, Hikaru No Go centers around the board game Go. Go originated in China around 3000 years ago. It’s a very strategic game with simple rules. If you’re worried that the manga is all about playing the game, well don’t be. Although concentrated around playing the game, it only delves on the basic rules and how to play the game. The manga is more about the development of Hikaru Shindo as a Go player and his rivalry with Akira Toya.

Hikaru originally at the start of the manga had completely no interest in the game whatsoever. He was dragged into playing the game, when he was possessed by Sai. Sai was once the emperor’s Go instructor from Japan’s Heian period(794 to 1185). One day Hikaru allowed Sai to play a game of Go. They went to a Go Salon and there they met and played against Akira Toya. Akira is what people describe to be a genius Go player, even at a young age people expect him to become a professional Go player who will one day rival his father Koyo Toya, who was the top player at the time.  With Sai playing through Hikaru, they comepletely crush Akira in a game of Go. This lights the start of the rivalry between the two. Obviously though, Hikaru has no clue on how to play the game at all.

The story is sufficiently long, with 23 volumes and 197 chapters. What’s good about it though is that, it has almost no fillers. Actually I’m almost tempted to say that it has none, as I try and fail to remember if it had any fillers. The fact that I don’t remember probably means that it doesn’t. Don’t quote me on that though. So yeah, having almost no fillers the story is pretty straight and told in a very nice pace and each chapter is interesting on it’s own.

The Art

The art is absolutely beautiful. The manga was drawn by the skillful artist Obata Takeshi who was also the artist for Death Note and Bakuman. If you are a fan of those manga, then you would definitely want to read  this since not only does it have a similar art style but also a similar feel of a psychological battle manga. It has an incredibly appealing yet realistic art style. He is also popular for his characters to be wearing really fashionable clothes.

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I personally love this manga but unfortunately it is not for everybody. This manga involves a substantial amount of reading, since that is where most of the action is, so if you are not very interested in those types, then you’d probably find this manga boring. If you want, maybe give it a try some other time. But if you don’t mind a bit of reading, expect that you will be rewarded with a very exciting and engaging story. Above all else, I just want to say that it is a truly inspiring story of working hard to achieve your dreams.

Oh one thing I almost forgot, this has an anime adaptation. I haven’t watched it so I can’t say much about that though.

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Thank you and see you next time!


8 Responses to “Hikaru no Go”
  1. sillysili says:

    Dude! Check out ‘Bartender.’

    Currently reading/enjoying the manga right now (lot’s of trivia thrown around using various concoctions of booze)!

    • Zweimac says:

      oh wow! thanks for the suggestion. It looks pretty damn interesting but once again I am disappointed to see that any good manga that I come across usually doesn’t have continuous updates. This always happens, while mainstream manga get frequent updates from lots of scanlators even though they aren’t as good. oh sorry man, didn’t mean to rant at you. anyway like I said thanks for the suggestion, I am definitely going to be reading this and once I get to the latest, I might check out the anime. Btw, did you know it has an anime?

    • sillysili says:

      yup, saw a couple of clips online. but I prefer reading (since manga = canon) hehehe

    • zweimac says:

      Yeah I know what you mean, I prefer manga as well. It’s just not the same with anime, the art as well is considerably better most of the time. So yeah, Hikaru No Go. Have you read it as well then?

    • Gisei says:

      Yo sir Jay! Bartender looked nice! definitely going to check it out mac would you like to do the honor of making the review?

    • zweimac says:

      I might do one yeah, but the manga updates are a bit slow, the anime I think is finished so I might do one for that instead. But i won’t be watching it after I read up to the latest update on the manga.

  2. zweimac says:

    Reblogged this on Zwei Mac and commented:

    come visit subarashikun.wordpress.com for more reviews by me and other authors. 🙂 yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this manga. Another psychologically thrilling one, is Gamblefish.

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