Greatest Anime Scenes # 2 – Ushio’s Confession

The purpose of this post series/webisode is to remember the greatest moments in Anime. To be called ‘great’, it means it had a lasting impact on you when you first watched the scene. It made you like the series as a whole and you just felt awesome. Think about it, what’s the best moment in your favorite anime series?


SPOILER AHEAD! Continue on if that’s okay with you.


There are many other scenes in Clannad that’s worthy of being in this series but nothing beats this one. This was the scene that made viewers cry and remember the series. In this one, Ushio looks for the toy robot her dad, Tomoya, gave her. She couldn’t find it. Tomoya insists he just buy her a new one but Ushio doesn’t want that. It was the first thing her dad ever gave her.  Tomoya starts to realize the bad things he did to her daughter because of his wife Nagisa‘s death. Then Ushio reveals that she had been holding back all the tears in front of her dad, since she doesn’t want to see her crying so she cried while in the bathroom. At that point, Tomoya just lost it and hugged her daughter who was already crying hard.

No words are enough to explain how beautiful and moving this scene was. This was the culmination of all the episodes you’ve been pitying Ushio. The moment was wonderfully done, with a sunset backdrop amidst all the sunflowers and the music. It all fit together. It put me into tears. It was the fact that Ushio’s mother is gone and that she’s trying to understand that fact despite of her age was the tearjerker. Definitely one of the greatest scenes in anime.



Series: Clannad : After Story

Episode: 18 – The Ends of the Earth

Characters Present: Tomoya Okazaki, Ushio Okazaki, Shino Okazaki







6 Responses to “Greatest Anime Scenes # 2 – Ushio’s Confession”
  1. Gisei says:

    Doushite? Doushite!? Ushio naze anata wa shinda!!!!???

    • Sutra says:

      Indeed so sad, but I’m a bit dissapointed with the ending though, who is you-know-who that so-called Girl Fantasy and robot? Ushio And Tomoya? What that girl do with the story except ruin it?
      Oh why? Ushio and Nagisa, Why must you two die??? T_T

    • Gisei says:

      DUDE!! seriously, rewatch again. Nevermind let me explain, i must warn you though this is some deep sh**.

      Okay so the Girl and the robot you said you are disappointed at is actually the representation of Ushio,and tomoya is infact the robot. Lets see so Ushio and Tomoya have the same dream so they meet up there right? since the place was empty and they are the only 2 that seems to be in there. So as Ushio dies in the real world the girl in the illusionary world gets uhm weak so the robot, tomoya has to collect some light things in order to wake up to the real real world where nagisa is still alive.

      OKay so basically the events after nagisa gave birth and died we’re a bad dream. That is what i understood, correct me if i’m wrong though.

    • Sutra says:

      I understand your point, what I mean is Real Life is enough without the Fantasy side, The Story is very very well done, I always cry while watching almost episode in Season 2. The Main Story will just doing fine even without Girl Fantasy don’t you think? It almost like Sad Ending forced to become Happy Ending through Miracle, but for me it is ruin the mood and turn out to be Bad Ending instead. If that the case I prefer Sad Ending than Bad Ending.

      Well different people have their own impression and that’s my opinion about the anime =D

      Clannad without Girl Fantasy will be scored 10/10
      And with the girl fantasy it reduced to 7/10

    • Gisei says:

      yeah you’re right, the fact of the matter is we both cried watching this series regardless of our thoughts on the fantasy side of the story.

    • Sutra says:

      Agree =D

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