Samurai Champloo

Today I was told by Gisei that somebody has to post something decent or the posting streak will be broken, so today I’m going to write about Samurai Champloo which is obviously about samurai sh*t. You might be wondering what the word champloo means, the word champloo can also be spelled champuru which is an okinawa word meaning mixed up. The series is named Samurai Champloo because its theme is about traditional japanese custom mixed with funky hip-hop motiff.\m/



Samurai Champloo is a story about Mugen an impudent vagrant swordsman and Jin a cool-headed Ronin who had a deal with Fuu a feisty girl to accompany her in her journey across Japan looking for a samurai who smells of sunflowers.


If you love watching samurai sh*t and listening to hip-hop, Samurai Champloo is for you! The anime series’ setting is a fictional version of Japan in the Edo period with a theme of hip-hop (this work of fiction is not an accurate historical portrayal) . I love the way this series was able to show the funkiness of hip-hop with the action packed hack and slash sh*t samurai warriors do all the time. You might think that this series is just all about swords clashing everytime but actually its more about the relationship of the characters to each other and the strong bond that they were able to create through their adventure.

I love the conflict between the three main characters in this series, especially between Mugen and Jin. Even though they hate each other they are still able to accomplish things in the end, dont die and save Fuu all the time. I really like it when two opposing forces join up and become friends.

This series will be able to satisfy your hunger for awesome fight scenes. I like the way fight scenes happen in this series ’cause its less talk and more action, the fight scenes happen so fast that you need to analyze faster for you to understand thus making you more attached to the scenes.

I still watch Samurai Champloo when I crave for awesome samurai stuff and still have goose-bumps while watching this epic series. \m/


The presentation is epic and unique because of the awesome mix up the series pulled off. I specifically like the way the characters were designed and drawn because of the thick, hard and edgy outlines in them making them look bold and very dangerous like hip-hop. I love how they were able to use hip-hop music in everything especially in the transitions between the scenes. I also love the awesome cinematography of this series. \m/

samuraichamplooss1  samuraichamplooss2  samuraichamplooss3  samuraichamplooss4  samuraichamplooss5


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Action, Samurai, Adventure

Episodes: 26

Director: Shinichiro Watanabe

Aired: August 2, 2004 – October 29, 2004

Theme Song: Battlecry by Nujabes


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Samurai Champlooファンサイト – Nyaatorrent

Visit the Official “Samurai Champloo” Website



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