Regret is a powerful emotion. I’m sure you’ve come to regret a few things you’ve done in the past or things you thought you should have done but were unable to. It’s the same for everyone, it’s part of life–unavoidable. Now that I’m older and have a lot of things to do and think about, I’ve come to regret the hours, minutes and seconds I’ve wasted. Whenever I remember the times that I kept playing games by myself, I feel and wish that I could take it back and do something else, worked harder or maybe involved myself with something more productive. I was irresponsible, I could have probably managed my time better so that I could have both played and worked equal amounts, but I didn’t. Now, it’s all in the past and I can’t change it.

So, why am I talking about these sentimental and regretful things? What’s with all this depressing crap? Well basically that’s what this manga is all about–regret. How in some times such a strong emotion can keep people from moving on with their lives.


Genre: Action, Horror, One Shot, Shounen, Supernatural
Author(s):  Kano Yasuhiro(Art & Story)
Chapters: 1
Status: Completed



Loop is a one-shot about the recurring death of Jean–a delinquent and heir to a fortune. Regretting his actions that contributed to him being murdered, he is unable to move on, so his soul is forced to re-live his death each year on his death anniversary and is unable to escape.

The Story

It was an old story that the soul of people who die with regrets are  unable to move on.
Jean, a young man around his 20’s and who’s somewhat a delinquent, gets murdered along with his servants in the mansion he inherited from his parents. Their souls, unable to move on, are cursed to relive the tragedy of their deaths as if it were a ballad of death played in a loop.  Each year, during the anniversary of their death they go through the same pain, getting stabbed and cut. On the hundredth recurrence of their death, Jean tries to escape the mansion. He frantically tries to find away to finally free himself of his regret and save his servants from the torment and hell that they go through. Will he be able to do it though or will they suffer this torment for all eternity?

The Art

The art is very well drawn, lots of action, very dynamic and does well in illustrating the mood and characters. It has quite a different style from the author’s other works, considering they were pretty light and has more contrast while this has more dark and grey tones. The realistic and darker art style is very impressive and works quite well with the story. Pretty good, no complaints here.




Another good manga from Kano Yasuhiro. It’s a shame this manga is only a one-shot, although I can’t imagine it being a series either but such a good manga nonetheless. I just feel sad for it being so short. Well it was awesome while it lasted, all 55 pages of it.

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Thank you and see you next time!


13 Responses to “L∞p(Loop)”
  1. Sutra says:

    So deep intro you write there, many regret that I left in the past. You’re right, how the time wasted back then, and now regret is the only left in head.

    So into the manga, how could human be killed over and over? Is this some kind of curse? How did he get resurrected and by who? Are the killer are the same person?

    • zweimac says:

      Yeah it’s kind of like a curse. He’s already dead but his soul is unable to move on because of his regret. Until he is able to free himself from that regret, he will continue to relive that moment when he died. It’s similar to the belief, where people think when you die and have regrets your soul wanders, except here it kind of shows that you’re soul is trapped in time.

    • zweimac says:

      I guess using the word resurrect in the review was a mistake. Since they don’t really return to life. The whole event just like ‘replays’.

    • Sutra says:

      Ah, so basically it’s replay to the dead scene itself repeatedly but the subject (protagonist) are conscious of the looping. It make more sense now.
      Trapped in time and forced to feel the same pain repeatedly, what a True Hell. Must be very painful
      It’s like Toki wa Kakeru Shoujo but this time is with life-dead situation and curse. Tragic 🙂

    • zweimac says:

      Yes, exactly! It’s a very interesting and deep concept and it really portrays how strong the feeling of regret can be even in realistic situations. It really can be like torture or true hell like you said, being trapped in that kind of feeling. A ‘true’ hell that exists even when you’re alive.

    • Sutra says:

      Gotta read this, thanks 🙂

    • zweimac says:

      no problem I’m happy you found it interesting, and thanks for your questions. It helped me identify my mistakes and make necessary corrections.

  2. zweimac says:

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  3. VeroVeroNoir says:

    I went and read it and thought it was great! 🙂

  4. This seems like an interesting manga. I’m interested in reading it.

    • zweimac says:

      You should definitely try it! It’s only a one-shot and fast paced so it won’t take much of your time. 😀

    • Great! I like reading one-shots every once in a while. You get some really cool stories. I’ve read a few where I hoped they would develop into a series later, but they didn’t.

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