Greatest Anime Scenes #3 – The End of Code Geass

The purpose of this post series/webisode is to remember the greatest moments in Anime. To be called ‘great’, it means it had a lasting impact on you when you first watched the scene. It made you like the series as a whole and you just felt awesome. Think about it, what’s the best moment in your favorite anime series?

SPOILER AHEAD! Continue on if that’s okay with you.

The last time I watched Code Geass was three years ago. I watched the two seasons back to back in just two days. It was that good. I teared up at the ending. I remember how I couldn’t sleep the night I finished it because of the ending’s impact on me. Now, just a few minutes ago, I re-watched that moment, and guess what, I almost cried again. In the span of three years between then and now, no other anime I’ve seen so far has such a brilliantly executed and well-presented ending. You also won’t see it coming, and that made it much more cooler.

This scene clearly shows how great Lelouch‘s character is. He became a true hero by sacrificing himself. He wanted to get rid of the cycle of hatred which is the Geass. How ironic that he was to be killed by his own persona, Zero. And even more, with Zero at that time being his best friend, Suzaku. The whole idea was genius. I know many compare Lelouch and Light from Death Note, but clearly, Lelouch‘s death was the better one. Light died as a freaking maniac.

And THAT MUSIC. Come on, who wouldn’t at least tear up when you hear that song after someone dies for a greater cause? I also loved the montage of clips summarizing what happened after Lelouch died, it was beautifully done. For me this is the best anime ending I’ve seen so far. A great moment indeed.


Series: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

Episode: 25 – “Re;”

Characters Present: Lelouch Lamperouge, Suzaku Kururugi, Nunally Lamperouge, and all characters alive in Code Geass

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