Sukitte ii na yo!

Do you like action-packed anime with awesome mechas shooting aliens in space?

Well this Anime is definitely not for you! Sukitte ii na yo! is a serious Romance Anime filled with Drama. Did I mention it’s also a Shoujo anime? I haven’t watched one in quite a while. You know that feel when you watch Shoujo Anime and you get really really pissed at the characters who cause problems for the relationship of the main character, only to see that same feel crop up when the main guy messes up the relationship even further? You’re sitting there going like “What the hell are you doing! bakkayaro!” aahhh~ I wish I could watch more Shoujo ^__^



Popular Guy dates an unsocial girl ~ simple as that


Most Anime under the genre, Shoujo, follow the same format where the female main character gets to have a relationship with the good-hearted popular guy. Sukitte ii na yo! isn’t an exemption. Even so, the ideal of rooting for the character’s relationship is quite heart-warming and interesting that it hooks any viewer down to its last episode. At the beginning, you would find yourself at par with the main character as she doesn’t quite trust anybody. You’ll tend to view everybody as the villains except for the two Main Characters of the series.

Given a bad first impression of everyone but the main characters does have its own silver lining. By the time you get to the point where you find out that they aren’t bad people you begin to relax during appearances with the main couple. In the course of the series, you will notice that you and the female protagonist, Tachibana Mei, have grown a liking to the supporting characters as well.

The problems in the story aim to threaten the budding relationship that Tachibana Mei and Kurosawa Yamato have, which really is a necessity when it comes to Romantic Drama. You won’t like it but you also need it. At least there are no episodes where it cuts away from the storyline. I like it like that.


A soft yet feel-good main theme treats the viewer throughout.  Its tone is the description of being in-love. As of any Shoujo anime, the soundtrack always tells the story from its tone. For example, Skip Beat has this outburst determination feel while Kaichou wa Maid-sama has an excited feel.

Off the bat here…

Mei is quite the interesting female lead; you’ll find her cute in her own way all throughout the series, I can easily see why Yamato fell for her.  What made Yamato like Mei is how she is different among the other female students around Yamato. She is cute but her lonesomeness covered it. Yamato saw past that. How Mei started to open up into having a relationship with others pretty much sums up the whole series. As she goes into becoming the girlfriend of the popular guy in school she tends to become the topic of gossip. She doesn’t like that but she can’t do anything about it.

Like Mei, Sukitte ii na yo! tends not to stand out, but as soon as I’ve watched it I saw its beauty. You cannot feel anything else but to root for Mei. Mei makes this possibly typical Romance Anime stand out.


Sukitte ii na yo! is another Shoujo anime. You can never go wrong with Shoujo Anime. Well, I haven’t seen a bad Shoujo Anime so far. Now that I think about it, I just spent the whole day making this post. I never figured out why until now. It’s really difficult to describe what makes this anime special, pretty much everything you find here is in any other Romantic-Drama Anime series. I have to say it’s because of the characters within the anime. Seriously though, I got excited most of the time from the love development between Mei and Yamato, kinda’ girly if I do say so myself but who cares- I watched it alone so it’s cool. Anyway, even if you aren’t into Romantic Anime or Shoujo I suggest you give this one a try, you’ll probably cry.

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Anime Information

Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2012 to Dec 30, 2012
Duration: 23 min. per episode

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  1. This has been cycling around for awhile in my query, but still can’t work up the nerve to start on it. I do like the pairing, though ^^

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