Why do I watch Anime?

After reading a post, it suddenly hit me how common some answers could be which makes the one asking around why we like watching anime, feel nothing special about Anime or the people who watch it. Why do we watch Anime? is a question asked by many but i seem to have found one blog in particular that started this interesting topic, Deluscar. Then having to find the response made by Canne just really made me reflect on a deeper reason on why I watch Anime.

Canne states that some of the common responses when asked, Why do you watch anime? are simply boring. ‘Anime is my escape.’ ‘Anime is entertaining.’ ‘Anime is full of diversity in genre and style.’ ‘Anime is my way of exploring foreign cultures.’… now that you thought about it those are some boring answers right?

Now taking part in this Chain Blogging, let me introduce to you my understanding and at the same time my answer, avoiding the typical boring responses, on the question:


Why do you watch Anime?


Some of the most lessons we get by watching Anime is the basic social aspects that it projects, what we feel, how one reacts, how one should speak, these are the things we usually take up and applied in our daily lives. In fact there is nothing wrong with gaining social understanding from Anime, If you think about it Anime Characters have good connection towards another, they are made to understand each other not from words but from their actions, how they respond to certain events. I basically tried this out on the first two years of my College years. Responses from people who don’t watch anime are disappointing, while the people who does watch anime have developed an understanding on what could be the reason, they know why that was my response and yet they tend to do no action. Example you and a bunch of friends are hanging out, the girl you like which everybody knows have a heart event with another guy from your group so you act all silent and put on a poker face, who will notice first? the people who watch anime. when asked whats the problem and you say nothing and put on a fake smile the people who don’t watch anime will most likely end it there and move on.

Anime is basically a gateway to a life that any of us will never have, How often do you see your life projected in an Anime? Maybe you see yourself in one of the characters but his experience differs from your by “THIS” much, you can’t see how long “THIS” is just imagine me spreading my Arms wide… yes, the difference is that much. Except for the Japanese people who had their school experiences in Japan, their experience will differ only to a small specific amount.

I watch Anime because I learn who i want to be, I shape myself for the convenience of others, to be relied on and have a better understanding and control over the emotions and responses of myself and the people around me. I watch anime to have an experience on dealing with various scenarios in my life, I watch Anime because It made me who I am and I am proud to have been shaped by it. – Gisei

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16 Responses to “Why do I watch Anime?”
  1. Sutra says:

    Judging from your word you’re pretty mad at Canne comment don’t you, lol.
    I know your feeling but take it easy man =D

    Let me summarize it
    To who people who never watch anime, they think Anime is just another Cartoon, just film for entertainment, and childish watch-thing. well, thats not completely wrong, but not true either.

    By the first time it founded, anime is just another cartoon. You still remember Crayon Shinchan, Doraemon, Chibi Maruko, etc right. it was mean just for merely and purely for entertainment. But as the time flowing, the old anime make the development that become like now. it’s not just your everyday cartoon and I can say it clearly “ANIME IS NOT CARTOON”

    The New Anime now are like life itself. Like you said earlier, it teaches us how to behave to other people, how to react in this situation, and sometimes my problem solved after watching Anime, cuz I find the answer that I always seek for long time. At that time I touched and my eyes drop a tear, and I shout (in my head) THIS IS IT. I find my true self through Anime, glad to have ever watch anime.

    You still remember I got bullied when I still kid right, I though it was the worse, but after watching anime, I realized, there is other people who went through something a hundred time worsen than mine…. T_T
    And I also learn the mean the true mean of love thru anime too :3

    But you must also remember, DON’T BECOME MANIAC! If you become hardcore Otaku, you’ll close yourself from reality, run from 3D to 2D world, and you’ll become isolated from society. So just become moderate Otaku. 😉

    I’m an otaku and I’m proud with myself =D

    • Gisei says:

      not at all what makes you think that? actually its amazing how u found out i was mad though but it wasnt because of canne, i tried asking my authors about this and they replied cockamamie answers that is the reason why people think not much of otakus like us, Also i dont plan to spend my life in my room, i’ve said this many times but after i graduate from taking up Digital Animation… my goal is to be a part of the anime community where my work will be appreciated by otakus of the future!

      see u have a nice reason as well to why you watch anime.

      anyway what made you think i was mad?

    • Sutra says:

      Then the Author is no better than Canne, they are just common people with common poor knowledge.

      Wow you got very proudly dream there, I pray that you can achive it, hehe
      Me too, I was planing to go Design and Animation University to make my debut as Anime Creator but aahh, awww, I failed the entrance exam, oh God!!!! sigh* -_-‘

      Just get the feeling, hehe

  2. Sutra says:

    I just read the blog, and it really piss me off, The Author are indeed have a shollow mind!!!! Grrrrrr

    • Sutra says:

      He is shallow man who know nothing about anime yet he is saying whatever he want, what a shameless man (or woman if she is female).

    • Gisei says:

      Who? Canne?

    • Sutra says:

      Sorry I just read the post you mentioned, so Canne is the author there?
      I though he/she just the commenter?

      It’s the worse post ever (I mean Canne)!!!

    • Gisei says:

      hahaha chill sutra everybody has their own definition specially when it comes to themselves and what they believe in. ^__^

    • Sutra says:

      hahaha, our position is inverted now. First I calm you and then you calmed me, hahahaha.
      Yep it’s true, everyone has their opinion and belief, it’s just it piss me when other looking down upon us or our thing.

  3. darkness447 says:

    Reblogged this on Just my guilty pleasure reblog..

  4. Kai says:

    Anime characters does tend to reflect on the viewers, especially so if they are relatable characters that are executed well and were able to establish a connection. Such characters sometime can even influence a viewer’s own psychological and sociological basis. And indeed, due to anime’s flexible presentation, the worlds in anime is indeed a gateway to another bizarre dimension.

  5. I love anime! It’s such a fun thing to watch, and the art can be amazingly well-done! I feel that you can get some real depth with story and character development. You can see some really emotionally trying moments between characters; I’ve been moved to joy, sadness, anger, fear, confusion, lust… pretty much every emotion available through watching some of my favorite anime series. Series like Neon Genesis Evangelion, GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop, Vampire Knight, Chobits, Spice and Wolf, and others have made an impact on me in small ways. I can relate to a few characters in those series. I can watch them again and again, and never get tired of them.

    • Gisei says:

      I know what you mean! watching it once just doesn’t cut it. Watching it for the second time felt like you understood it better and the third time you get to memorize some of the major facts on the series that you can brag about. ^_^

  6. Overlord-G says:

    Well written dood. It seems your year long delay is paying off big time with each new post from you and your posse.

    • Gisei says:

      thanks! its getting big as well, more people from the college wants to join and or make a debut post of their own. I may have to start charging them for cash… hahahahaha i’m kidding ^__^

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