Random Drawing #1 – Rin (Naruto)

Hello guys! It’s me again.
Since I don’t have a review to post yet and none of my mates mentioned whether they were going to post anything today, I thought I’d draw something and post it. Don’t expect anything professional-level though.

So basically this is it. TA DAAAA!~~~


As expected it didn’t turn out too well, I’ve never been any good at drawing digitally as well as coloring. Hopefully, I’ll improve someday.
Anyway this is my drawing of Rin from Naruto, inspired from the latest chapter #636 “The Current Obito”.
The same girl why Obito does all that he can to fight for what he thinks is best. AAAWWW!!!~~

Oh by the way, if you like my drawing give it a like or share. Also, my mates and I do reviews of anime, manga and the like so if you’re interested go check them out!

Well that’s it! haha
Thanks for viewing!


7 Responses to “Random Drawing #1 – Rin (Naruto)”
  1. Sutra says:

    “As expected it didn’t turn out too well…”
    No, it’s still better than my drawing 😛

    My favorite chara, are both Naruto Parents and Rin =D

    I like naruto Story but since the Anime has many filler nowadays, I’ve become quite annoyed with the Anime. I don’t know what the Studio Crew are thinking, why are they making so many fillers despite the manga has already gotten so far? I understand if manga chapter are nearly out of stock, thus they make filler for giving it time, but…. -_-‘

    Anyway, is this your handmade or software?

    • zweimac says:

      I drew it on photoshop.
      Yeah they really drag out the story for the anime, even if it isn’t a filler episode some parts of the manga are really dragged out to take a couple of episodes, Like during fights, the dialog is just ridiculously long. They probably do it mostly for profit.

    • Sutra says:

      Yeah, that’s right

      The picture is good, but it look like Sakura at first glance =D
      Why not try adding color? I think that will be more beautiful :3

    • zweimac says:

      Thanks haha yeah I thought she looked like Sakura too. The thing is, I haven’t really done much of coloring, and this was an unplanned thing. I’ll try to practice on that though when I have the time.

    • Sutra says:

      look forward to your next Masterpiece 😛 😀

    • zweimac says:

      haha oh god, expectations. not very good with those, but yeah I’ll try my best haha 😀

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