Ever wondered what it would be like if men and women, segregated into two planets, were at war with each other? Well this is the backstory of the anime Vandread! Now first things first if you do not like mecha then do not watch this anime, but how else are you gonna have an action and sci-fi anime in space without mechas? Ship Battles? Although I am a fan of battleship armadas in space-themed stuff it is hard to make an action-packed anime with just big ass battleships firing laser cannons like pew pew pew. You would have to focus more on infantry battles if you want to make it action-packed.

Vandread also has a manga. In my opinion though, the anime is better than the manga. First of all the manga is a lot shorter than the anime. Things were not really explained that well in the manga and has a lot of  plot holes. Second, due to the fact that it is only 14 chapters long there was no room for great character development and there was no character to root for. Everything ended prematurely and no actual surprising plot twists UNLIKE IN THE ANIME. In Episode 1 you are introduced to the main character “Hibiki” who gets himself into a bet that goes extremely wrong. The ship he boards is raided by a female pirate ship and now he finds himself surrounded by women. Lucky little bastard isn’t he? WRONG!

Vandread Opening


In a universe where humans have already colonized other planets, two of them: the male planet Taraak and the female planet Mejere are at war with each other. Our main male protagonist Hibiki finds himself on board a female pirate ship after his own ship is captured along with two other men and half of the ship. Hibiki goes in to steal a Vanguard (Mechs used by Males). With the impending threat of an unknown enemy, will the men and women settle their differences and join forces to defeat this new threat?


The story starts with a military recruitment clip in the male planet. The short clip’s description about females is exaggerated but somehow true.  The story is mostly about self-discovery so majority of the main characters are shown immediately on the first episode. Usually it’s the discovery on what a person truly wants, who he is or what made them that way.

The plot paces itself extremely well, not too fast nor too slow. You will not go “WTH just happened” or “this is just so boring” and skip an entire episode. Each episode brings the story closer to the goal spending little time in comic relief and fan service. You heard me right! Do not let the Opening Song and the first episode fool you with all those jiggling titties and revealing clothing, fan service is very scarce in this anime sans ecchi moments. Comedy in this anime is presented with many quick comedic moments.

There is actually romance in Vandread. Do you like girls that are tsundere? Generally tsundere is commonly depicted in women but here the main character is the tsundere. Thats right! A male tsundere! So if you are in to that well… no comment. As the story progresses and the anime reaches the second season a love triangle is introduced.


This anime doesn’t really stick to the whole gender war theme its setting provides. So those of you who want an anime with a gender war on a planetary scale then this isn’t the anime you are looking for. Instead, after the main male protagonist is captured by the female pirates they are introduced to a new antagonist.

Now why do I like this anime? Call me a child but I like the concept of fusion! This was the second anime I have seen that has mecha fusions in it…the first one being ninja robots which was terrifyingly horrible. Second is because although not stated in the anime, I like the concept of combining humans and technology.  It is clearly shown that the antagonists’ ships aren’t completely made from metal but a more flesh like material. Third are the plot twists. If i can recall there were two major plot twists in this anime. Both will make you say WTF?! Final reason is episode 16, this side story and character development story made me cry.

All in all this anime is a great watch to those who are into science fiction and mecha or if you are interested on what it is like if men and women do live on different planets. Anyway I can talk about this anime for pages and pages but it is hard to talk about it without revealing any spoilers for the most appealing object of this anime is its story.

boy meets girl men using guns pictures of all Women using lasers

Anime Information

Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 3, 2000 to Dec 19, 2000
Producers: Gonzo, FUNimation Entertainment
Genres: Action, Ecchi, Sci-fi, Mecha, Shounen, Space
Duration: 22 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

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  1. Vandread was a decent anime, I’d almost be willing to watch it again.

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