The new line up for Anime Series this summer season is here! There are many interesting Anime coming our way but i only got my eyes on 4. One of which is, たまゆら ~もあぐれっしぶ~ (TAMAYURA – MORE AGGRESSIVE), it is actually the second season. So to get me into speed with whats going on I checked out the first Anime under the title which is a 4 episode OVA. it is followed by the first season called たまゆら~hitotose~(TAMAYURA: HITOTOSE) but lets save that for next post shall we? Want to check out the Summer 2013 Anime Listing? Just click the link below. Also for an advance reading on the first season, proceed to Quizoxy‘s Review on Tamayura : Hitotose.

| Summer 2013 Anime Listing | Quizoxy’s Tamayura: Hitotose Review |


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Fuu loves taking pictures and many loves her photos, one in particular is a picture of her dad’s Silhouette taken in such calm and soothing way. she and her friends try to find out where she took the photo.


Everything started with a cute sense in mind, Fuu‘s love for photography is presented from the very beginning having her camera being repaired she playfully takes photos using her hands. Most OVA are made to be determinants of whether it should be continued on to be a series, having character introduction and whatnot. Tamayura does feature a unique way of getting in touch with the viewers. It gives the viewers a basic Idea of each character’s goal in their life, in short we get to be acquainted with them without seeing or hearing a backstory, Kind of like meeting a person for the very first time.



You’ll be introduced to photography and the feel of being a photographer as you are watching. Seeing a beautiful scenery does make you want to take out a camera and capture it, that’s the basic mindset Fuu~chan has all through out.  The feel and drive of what you make of yourself for your future does struck an impact on you implying that these kids know what they want, do you? -maybe its just me.

The Anime is quite slow-paced, Humor makes you smile but it won’t make you ROFL or even LOL. You will be presented with a beautifully dramatic ending that’ll make you feel sad and at the same time glad that that happened.


Its Beautiful, its cute, its slice of life the way it should be. I’ve got to admit though Photography being the center of attention in an Anime does looks boring in a sense but trust me if you have experience taking a picture then this Anime is worth watching. Though even after all this I’m no longer excited watching the first season and the upcoming second season. It passes of as a good Anime worth watching but it does lack certain jives that make you want to stay a little longer. Oh when i say jive i mean moves, dance move in short if tamayura is the music it doesn’t make me want to dance but i’d rather just listen.

vlcsnap-2013-06-27-21h54m48s89 vlcsnap-2013-06-27-21h57m26s130 vlcsnap-2013-06-27-21h59m42s213 vlcsnap-2013-06-27-22h05m38s191

Anime Information

Episodes: 4
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Sep 6, 2010 to Dec 6, 2010
Series DirectorJunichi Sato
Genres: Comedy, Slice of life
Duration: 15 min. per episode


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Visit the official Page たまゆらオフィシャルサイト



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