No, it’s not THAT guy. Uzumaki, is all about what it stands for, spirals. Spirals, spirals. First of all, have you ever read a horror manga before? If yes, then you probably heard about Uzumaki and have plans to read it. If not, then you’re in for a treat. This manga will freakin’ blow your mind the first time you read it, and you will shit your pants. Oh yes you will.



Uzumaki is about a town cursed with spirals. Numerous incidents and deaths happen with always something relating to spirals.


Genre: Horror, Drama, Seinen
Author: Junji Ito
Chapters: 20
Status: Completed


The concept is very straightforward. Spirals will either drive you insane or kill you. Or both. It’s a very appealing idea that sticks to the minds of the readers. After reading about ten chapters of this manga, you’ll soon notice all the everyday things with spirals in your room, in your house, outside, and even at school. ‘Cause that’s what happened to me. This manga also manages to think up of little details relating to spirals, like your ear for example. Inside the ear, contains a spiral- … Nevermind, just look at this picture. Very interesting to say the least.

The story is split into ‘episodes’: one story is told in about six chapters, then a new story arrives after those chapters. I like this style of storytelling as it doesn’t bore me and keeps me excited on what the next story might be.  But unlike other Junji Ito horrors, Uzumaki has a main character present in all the stories, making it continuous. No, Tomie isn’t counted.

The horror… is superb; disgusting and mortifying at times (It’ll surely scare your balls off). If you still won’t believe it then I’ll say it again: reading this manga will scare you. I remember about 5 years ago when I was reading this manga at home, alone. My parents were out for the night. It was 2 am. I literally couldn’t press the next button since I was so scared in seeing the next page.

I pressed it eventually.

I was scarred for the night.

I was 15.

Towards the end though, I felt it become confusing and rushed. And it all just fell out of place.  And the overall pacing of the manga is a bit slow. I know it’s meant to be slow, but sometimes you need to get that sort of balance in the pacing to make it enjoyable to read.


You won’t pull a horror off without amazing visuals. And boy, the art is so awesome in Uzumaki. Especially the more (umm…)  ‘gruesome’ scenes. Exquisite detail is present, with full on shading to make that extra hair in your arm stand. The style on how the characters was drawn is befitting for the dark mood of the manga;  their expressions helping in bringing the scary atmosphere up. In short, it was presented damn nice.

Untitled-4   uzumaki2 uzumaki3   uzumaki5


If you’re a horror-anime fan or you just wanna’ be scared for once while reading a manga, then you might wanna check out Uzumaki. It will scare you, haunt you and will make you read other horror manga for sure.


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5 Responses to “Uzumaki”
  1. czai says:

    this manga was recommended to me over a year ago and until today I can clearly remember its art. it’s really damn gruesome most especially the part when people began sticking together O_O and about the main guy’s mother…
    I’ve read a few more horror manga and so far nothing can leave a mark to me as much as this one.

  2. traydo0r says:

    Try Tomie or Gyo.. His other horror works are a bit old though. But still creepy. 🙂

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