So I was thinking about the next anime to review, since it’s been a while before I last posted. Then I remembered Ib. I forgot I can also review games, as long as it was Japan-related! So yeah! Anyway, Ib is a free-game created in RPGMaker. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a software designed to create RPG games without any knowledge of coding or art. Since the software’s release, many games has been produced out of it, some RPG, some are not. Now, Ib is one of those. kouri created this masterpiece all by himself! It apparently took him years to finish it. And hell it’s freaking good.



This game’s story is about Ib visiting an art gallery with her parents. Then after some walking around, some weird things happen and somehow the gallery had changed. All the people are gone, then you discover that your life depends on a rose. And weird monsters coming out of nowhere. It’s a ridiculously addicting story for a game. As the player, you get to be Ib’s guardian through her journey. You don’t want a little girl dying to some monster in that scary place. You question how she’s gonna escape and leave you wanting more. So you play. I don’t wanna spoil more of the story so I’m gonna stop giving any more details here. But surely, you’ll love all the characters. Oh, I forgot! This game has multiple endings that change the course of the story!

url  ib-050


Ib is a horror game. Even if it only has 8-bit graphics, it succeeds as a full-pledged horror game. But how?! Most horror games today use its awesome graphics to present a fitting atmosphere to scare gamers. But how can this top view, 2D game do it? The answer is, its story, music and pacing. But most of it is the music and sound effects. Sudden things happen when you walk around the place and just one of those happening sets the eerie mood perfectly. Also cute little details like blood pouring out of windows, or sudden things moving in paintings polishes it up. I can’t really explain how this 2D game can scare you, you have to play it to feel it. BUT IT’S REALLY CREEPY GUYS.

Now like I said, it’s on 8-bit graphics. True hardcore gamers will have no problem in this, but casual gamers might have difficulties in getting interested. I’ll tell you. I let my girlfriend (non-gamer) play this. She loved it, while her hands buried on her face most of time though. 😛


Ib is a straight up puzzle adventure game. But it’s interesting cause they’re varied. Not one puzzle is repeated, and they’re all interesting to do. You never feel as if it’s a chore or anything. And there’s always that great feeling after beating a puzzle or finding out where to go next. The difficulty of all of this is average to hard, but with tolerable thinking, you’ll probably solve it anyway. The nicest thing of all of this is that it uses horror elements to add to the problems being solved. Halfway through the game, you also get to control characters other than Ib, making the game more open. Also, did I not mention the multiple endings? The downside though is that the game is short. I finished it in less than 3 hours in my first playthrough. Considering that only one man did it, it’s fine.

IbGreyKey   2225074-ibscreen4


Ib is one of a kind. It’s a game that will make you laugh,  surprise you, scare you, and captivate you. Take my word for it.


Download the game here.




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  1. Quizoxy says:

    Never heard of this before, SO going to try this tonight!

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