Anime Community Wars: The Battle for Moe

Yes, I shall be participating in said event that has apparently been happening for a couple of years now and yet I have only come to know of its existence today. First of all I would like to thank OG-sama for introducing me to the fields of battle. I would also like to state that I have no prior knowledge of the thoughts that run inside the minds of the opposed; I don’t really care because I’m just a trigger-happy soldier. Now lets get this defense started!

NHK_Moe_AnimeWhat is Moe?

Moe comes from the Greek word “Mo” meaning “I am” and “E” which means “kidding, it di-int come from no greek word“….
Chii, Koume, Hagu-chan, Hina and so much more are under Moe and are under our protection. When I say protect I don’t mean saving lives, I mean protecting them from the bitter truth of the world, keeping their innocence. Their Innocence is what makes them cute. The way they act is cute too but overall mindset, choice-of-words and outlook on life with a hint-o-innocence is my definition of Moe. Though not all small and cute girls are moe, Raika is an example of a Moe Adult.

Moe is Ruining Anime?

Ruining Anime? Please, badly drawn Anime is what ruins Anime. If anything, Moe is doing a good job, it gives a character a new personality option that would help complicate events in the story. Moe does ruin one thing though, when it’s used in the wrong times. When are these wrong times? The only time where Moe is inappropriate is when a Gundam acts cute. That’s right, a mobile suit in the middle of a battle in space goes about dodging attacks and shooting lasers with a mindset that it’s all fun and games ultimately ending up in the said pilot winning the battle. Wait a minute, that’s actually good. With proper back-grounding for the character that drives the mobile suit which made the mecha act all moe, it passes off.

Moe in Full View

Moe has existed for years so there has to be a reason why Moe hasn’t been taken off the grid. There has got to be a reason why I am only learning of this debate now. It is because Moe isn’t a problem for people like me. It is because Moe is already a part, no better yet, a given. It is because it does its job. What is this job?  To bring a wider audience, to cater to the interests of other people, to be able to say that anime is not only for a certain type of person. Anime has evolved, no longer solely as an entertainment outlet,  but has become a culture. A culture that connects everyone where ever they may reside.

This is just my Opinion, if you are not satisfied then check out these detailed and longer posts:


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