Hanamaru Youchien

Like watching an Anime with Nendroid characters, Hanamaru Youchien without a doubt is the cutest Kindergarten Anime i have watched so far. Well this is the only kindergarten anime I’ve watched so far. Would we be expecting a season 2 anytime soon? nope, i don’t think so. I’ve made a review on this a while back but since I deleted all of my posts from back then, I figured i’d make a better one.



Anzu goes to a kindergarten with her friends, the shy Koume and the eccentric Hiiragi. Together they try to attract attention from their caretaker Tsuchida. However, he is clearly more interested in the pretty Yamamoto who supervises the class next door.(-MAL)


The story is quite interesting, what makes it interesting is how Anzu and tsuchida are connected by Anzu‘s mother who went with Tsuchida in Highschool. She got in a relationship with her professor and had Anzu and now Anzu likes Tsuchida, its like mother and daughter kind of thing. You may find it to be funny or cute or weird depending on your culture but nothing indecent happened so chill out. The story progresses with everything its got, from family to love, to little sisters, to confessions, and to making Anime Hanamaru Youchien takes the cake!



One major point of the series is its cuteness, Why make a Series about kindergartners if you make them realistic? then it’d be a bunch of kids running screaming pooping their pants all day. No, make it so that the characters are cute both in the way they look and the way they act.

Nothing beats having a goal and having to see someone working hard for their goal however it keeps getting father away. Its hilarious, Tsuchida tries to confess  to his co-worker but she is so dense that it hurts. Nothing beats comedy in other’s failure right?

Hanamaru Youchien is filled with wonderfull soundtrack all throughout, every episode has a new ending theme that are all pleasant to the ears. As with the series these soundtracks are also sprinkled with Moe~ that will brighten up anyone’s day.


Basically, i am not a fan of cute stuff… aw who am i kidding yes i am! Specially Koume, she is just too cute. Anyway, The series doesn’t have serious moments like in Romantic Drama Anime, everything is perfect though, Character Design, Character background the twists and turns of the story is quite likable, however the story doesn’t proceed to the bigger questions, Who the hell will end up with tsuchida? personally though it would be better for the procedure of the story if tsuchida confessed to Anzu’s mother, well he liked her back then. then everything will be serious there will be mixed feelings and we might actually switch it up to a romantic drama instead of romantic comedy and maybe have gotten 26 episodes in this season alone.

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Anime Information

Episodes: 12
Aired: January 10, 2010 –  March 28, 2010
DirectorSeiji Mizushima
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Opening Theme:

7 Responses to “Hanamaru Youchien”
  1. I’ve seen and read this series. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I do with it had continued for a bit longer, the story seemed underdeveloped.

  2. sutrablue says:

    I’m Lolicon so I like this series :3
    For some reason I really like Lolita Anime but not in Hentai way. Maybe it’s because I’m big fan of Moe and I love cute thing despite I’m boy :3

  3. Overlord-G says:

    I may not be a lolicon but that does not mean I do not have an eye for cuteness. I wonder if it was my review that influenced you to check this out? Anyway, Koume FOR LIFE!

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