Hello Baby

I was blown away by this one-shot when I read it a couple of years ago. Just the amount of emotion that it built up inside of me when I found out what happened right at the end. It felt like everything started to take place so fast… It just drowned me.  And I’m not talking about just some half-assed emotion, I’m talking about strong emotions like regret, hate, disappointment and pity. It really shows us an amazing story concerned with misconception and betrayal. It will make you feel. It really is a tragedy, the end of this manga.


Genre: Action, One Shot, Shounen, Tragedy
Author(s):  Morita Masanori(Story), Takeshi Obata(Art)
Chapters: 1
Status: Completed



The story is about Kinya, who is on the run from the Japanese mafia, after a failed murder attempt on the yakuza boss. Together with him are his brother, Takuzou and his girlfriend, Aya. But, things are not as simple when they have some… extra baggage along.

Source: Mangahelper

The Story

The story is very original, I don’t think there’s anything like it out there. Set in a very downtown part of a city, it really gives the impression of living life in a terribly risky and dangerous neighborhood. Once again, I won’t dive too deep into it since it’s just a one-shot. I’ll just try to elaborate more on the summary.

Basically Kinya, the protagonist, is a hitman. The story starts 15 days after Kinya failed his mission to take out the yakuza boss. Together with him in a car is his brother Takuzou and Aya, his girlfriend. Kinya is trying to sever one of his fingers to offer as an apology, to whoever is his superior, for failing his mission. Takuzou, though, argues that they try again. The story about how Kinya failed his mission is then told in flashback. After that, we come back to the present where they are in the car again. Unfortunately, the people who are out looking to kill them arrives and events worsen as they now have to deal with a newborn baby.

I’m very sure I didn’t explain the story very well. I just basically laid out the whole setting of the story without giving out any spoilers. The things I omitted really are just the important parts that you have to read in the manga itself. If I didn’t omit them, it’ll just ruin the story for you. It’ll all make sense once you read it, trust me.

The Art

The art is just absolutely amazing. Obata Takeshi has done an awesome job on this. Just right at the start of the manga, are some colored pages. In these pages, they show the characters trying to severe one of the guy’s finger. It’s so realistically drawn that I could almost feel how painful it’s going to be. I could barely even look at drawings at times and tried my best to just stick to the text. There have only been a few art styles that have been able to make me feel that way. I can’t even think of any right now cause I feel so fucking excited and disgusted at the same time trying to remember and write about it. Anyway, it’s best if you take a look at it yourself.



P.S. They messed up the translation at the 2nd page right before the end. It’s just one word though, but that one word is really important. It’s been years and they still haven’t changed it. So I changed it myself and I’ll post whole manga for download below just for convenience.

The word they messed up was “me” instead they put “him”



It really is an amazing manga, once again though I’m a little disappointed that it’s just a one-shot. Beautiful art for a heartbreaking story. I’m glad I read it.

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Thank you and see you next time!


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