Rec was made in the early 2006 where people’s experience with Jobs are extremely hard with most relying on luck. Rec is a title under the Slice of Life, Romance and Drama genre that runs on 12 minutes per episode.

My literary professor, Sillysili, mentioned REC when we we’re having discussions about Anime during my friend’s birthday at a local karaoke/bar place and i figured i’d check it out. That was 2 weeks ago i only managed to remember it yesterday so boom-shack-a-lacka, downloaded and watched, its a pass and now for my review.



Fumihiko Matsumaru is an average salaryman with no girlfriend. He invited his colleague Miss Tanaka to a movie but was stood up. Right at the time he was about to toss tickets into a trash can, a cute girl appeared and asked him not to waste those two tickets. After movie and dinner, he escorted her home and found they live in the same neighborhood, yet unfortunately her apartment caught on fire hours later. Having nowhere else to stay, rookie seiyuu Aka Onda moved to Matsumaru’s place, and the two had started a “more than friend but not yet lovers” relationship under the same roof while keeping this secret from their employers.  (Source: ANN)


The story mainly focuses on the developing relationship between Matsumaru and Aka. Though what will be presented in the first half of the series is the indulging career path that is being a Seiyuu(Voice Actor). I’m quite fond of how the story goes however they kinda left me hanging, in a good way. I am now one of those people clamoring for a second season which won’t be happening anytime soon all because there is nothing more to tell, conflict resides among the main characters themselves. There are no villains no disasters only emotional turmoils residing within both of them which they worked out at the end.


vlcsnap-2013-07-04-22h45m34s75The series seems to have a good grip with color schemes, you’ll see a massive difference between the characters that are doing great and the characters that are doing not so great. Its all in sense of color. Lonely vibe acts along gray-scale as the happy flows with saturation. Art work is a bit plain though but it works itself out as it is Slice of Life nothing needs more attention that both the main characters.

Opening and Ending themes are great it has both sad and happy aspects that go well with whatever happens in the last scene before the ending theme.


after watching the first episode I thought that this is one of those ecchi anime series, i turned out to be wrong. It could’ve gone longer though the story was obviously moved in a fast pace but it wasn’t rushed. You can tell by the quality of how the story progresses it is quite thought through. Overall I like REC, if only it had more romantic moments.

vlcsnap-2013-07-04-22h32m15s252 vlcsnap-2013-07-04-23h30m27s97 vlcsnap-2013-07-04-23h30m37s217 vlcsnap-2013-07-04-23h31m39s61

Anime Information

Episodes: 9
DirectorRyutaro Nakamura
Aired: Feb 3, 2006 to Mar 31, 2006
Producers: ShaftTBS
Genres: ComedyDramaRomance
Duration: 12 min. per episode
Opening Theme: “Cheer~Makka na kimochi~” by Kanako Sakai

Ending Theme: “Devotion” by BRACE;d


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2 Responses to “REC”
  1. Overlord-G says:

    Ah yes, REC. Quite an enjoyable little trip into the love lives of a most interesting duo. I kinda smiled during the scene where Matsumaru got his revenge against the traitorous wench.

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