Not many people experience what they watch in movies. And it’s a rare case when you find a movie that shows things that are exactly happening to you. Two years ago this movie that was recommended to me by my boyfriend, traydo0r (who was my bestfriend at that time) entitled Koizora (Sky of Love). I remember having a suitor then. We met through means of cellphone, which is how the two main characters in Koizora met. You could say it was a coincidence and somehow the movie struck me because of that personal experience.

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This is about a girl named Mika Tahara who met a mysterious guy through her cellphone and finds out eventually that it was actually a delinquent boy named Hiro Sakurai.


The film can be divided into two. The first part shows how the two characters met and how they went through the process of teenage relationship. The second one is a different chapter and a sudden sharp turn from the monotonous and predictable flow of the story.

I give credits to the actors especially the two main characters because their acting was quite convincing (yeah, there was even a scene that totally brought tears in my eyes) and that cute naïve look that Mika always shows every once in a while is very enticing. The story definitely dwells on the harsh realities of life. Viewers would find the events relatable. The issue about premarital sex was not shown as vulgar and offensive but rather in a way that informs young viewers its consequences. Symbolism was also portrayed in the movie, which was poetic in a sense and made the movie even more meaningful.

 The one thing that I didn’t really enjoy about the film was its slow-pacing. The movie took awhile in building up it’s characters that it was a bit too boring to watch then, until it came to the huge twist then you start catching you attention again.

 Despite that drawback, what really made the film memorable to me was that it’s main point was dealing with the different kinds of relationships with people such as the relationship in the family. Not matter how messed up things can get, you always have a family that would always make sure that you can go through any dark and hurtful things that may happen to you.

Koizora - A.flv_snapshot_00.10.59_[2013.07.10_01.20.26]    Koizora - A.flv_snapshot_00.25.15_[2013.07.10_01.20.33] Koizora - B.flv_snapshot_00.06.20_[2013.07.10_01.22.24]    Koizora - B.flv_snapshot_01.01.18_[2013.07.10_01.22.13]




6 Responses to “Koizora”
  1. sutrablue says:

    So that mean you and traydoor are both Otaku then, hehe 😛
    Lol, that’s pretty rare case, you know, two couple with same interest, hehe…

    Back to movie. Based on your article and movie description, you said this movie was similar to your experience right, so, that mean Traydoor are Formerly Delinquent? Or even Now? Hehe =D
    and you two meet through cellphone, wow. It’s so “you-know-what” called F-A-T-E, hahaha

  2. clawyoureyes says:

    Hmm. I probably didn’t make my first sentence clear enough so you had the wrong impression about traydoor being the person that iIwas referring to. actually I was referring to someone else, uh, a person from the “past”. And traydoor and I were bestfriends at that time. BTW, he was never a delinquent until he met me. HAHA.

    • sutrablue says:

      Ah, my mistake. it certainly make double meaning, sorry

      So in the sentence,
      ~Two years ago this movie that was recommended to me by my boyfriend, traydo0r (who was my bestfriend at that time) entitled Koizora (Sky of Love)~
      You actually referring to two persons, aren’t you? In that case, you should using word “and” instead of using “comma” coz it still on one sentence and will cause misleading to reader 😀

      Try to read it with the viewpoint of mine, and you’ll understand 😀

    • clawyoureyes says:

      I’m sorry! Actually I was referring to traydo0r himself. To make it clear, he was just my bestfriend then when he recommended this movie to me, and after that until now he became my boyfriend.

      Also the one I was mentioning which was similar to my experiences was another boy. Just my suitor, I dumped him. lol.

      Sorry for the confusion! I’ll try my best to make it clear next time. 😀

    • Sutra says:

      I see, it’s private matter, right, so I won’t questioning anymore 😀
      No sweat about it, everyone make mistake =D

      Look forward to your next post =D

      Also one question, do you only reviewing for Drama and Live Action?

  3. czai says:

    i’ve been eyeing on this movie for such a long time because of Miura Haruma :3 anyway thanks for the review (and the dl link :D) it definitely strengthens my point in watching this one. I’ll definitely do my best to make time for this one.

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