One Piece Film Z

We are joined again by Luffy and the Straw Hat crew in another great adventure! One Piece, being one of the best series out there and no that’s not up for debate, continues to give us, fans, some love with yet another amazing film.


Type: Movie
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy,Drama, Shounen
Duration:  1 hr. 47 min.
Aired: Dec 15, 2012
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
~~Source: MAL



Armed with powerful weapons called Dyna Rocks, a group called the New Navy led by a man named Z aims to destroy 3 end points that make up the New World, destroying along with it One Piece and all existing pirates that sail the New World Sea.


The story is set during the New World arc of the series, meaning that the events in the film occur after the two-year time skip where the Straw Hat Pirates got separated and trained and are now of course, back together. The film immediately starts off showing a battle scene where a Navy base is being invaded by what appears to be pirates. However, it seems that they are not pirates. The group attacking the navy call themselves the New Navy, and they are led by man who goes by name of Z. They have stolen powerful weapons called Dyna Rocks,  known to cause a massive explosion when comes in contact with oxygen and rumored to be as powerful as the ancient weapons.

Z is probably as strong or stronger even, than an admiral as shown in the beginning of the film, where he fights almost evenly with Admiral Kizaru and also appears to have a past relationship with him. Their fight is ends with an explosion of one of the Dyna Rocks which managed to destroy the whole island. Luffy and the gang encounters Z, who was alone and passed out, floating out at sea. They bring Z up the Sunny and had Chopper treat him. Unfortunately things don’t go too well once Z regains consciousness as he appears to have strong feelings of hatred towards pirates. After getting more than they bargained for, the Straw Hats are forced to retreat. The introduction ends and the journey of Luffy and the gang begins, as they set out to search for Z and give him a beating after he successfully pissed Luffy off.


The animation and art is just gorgeous. The action is just freaking impressive. Just the camera movements as well as the action during fight scenes, it’s so fluid and appealing. It’s probably the best I’ve seen yet. Even after comparing it to previous One Piece animations, this one is definitely up there as one of the best.



Awesome movie, great animation! So if you’re a fan of One Piece and haven’t watched it yet, then you’re definitely missing out!


Torrent Info: [DeadFish] One Piece Film Z – Movie [BD][1080p][AAC].mp4 (Size: 2.01 GB)KATdownload


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