Pacific Rim

Why is it that I am making a review on a movie that is not Anime related? there are 2 main reasons. One this is not a review of the Movie its more of a Comparison between Pacific Rim and Evangelion and two, Its about Japanese women. Now suit up, we are passing the bridge to another dimension!

Presentation Comparison with Evangelion

pacific-rim-from-the-skyBefore Pacific Rim hit the Cinema, it was first described to me by my best friend and fellow author, TraydoOr, that the Movie resembles the Anime Evangelion which i believed at first then started to have a few doubts and when I finally watched the Movie I realized that it does have similar aspects with Evangelion.

Like Evangelion the Human Race is threatened by colossal creatures that came from another dimension and brought destruction to the land which were called “Kaiju“. Kaiju is a Japanese word meaning Monsters. Humans countered the invasion with the creation of Colossal suit of armors called “Jaeger“, a German word meaning Hunter. As in Eren Jaeger, from Shingeki no Kyojin. So put this two words together and we have the hit game for the PSP and the MMORPG that Japan solely made for themselves, Kaiju Jaeger, Monster Hunter. Speaking of Games a Game of Pacific Rim was released the day of the premier so check out youtube for uploads on the game.

While Evangelion‘s setting is Japan, Pacific Rim covers the world but most particularly Hong Kong City since it is the city that had the longest Air time.  If the battle does not take place within the city it is on the sea. How can you go one on one with a huge monster in the middle of the ocean? RIDE A JAEGER! its the answer to everything you question in the Movie. The only thing the Jaegers cannot to is Fly.

Seeing as though Pacific Rim and its Jaegers are Similar to Evangelion and its… uhm… Evangelions in so many ways like how each Suit is monitored in their base. How Jaegers and Evangelions have Plugs in in the base that if unplugged will cause the Jaeger and Evangelions to shut down and like how the riders have this sort of Bond with their Suit there are some not so similar. Evangelions show a bit more brutality and gore regarding battles with the monsters from another dimension. While Pacific Rim does not exhibit Psychological aspects which Evangelion has plenty, Pacific Rim goes to a more scientific approach and a more believable one at that.

Point of the matter is, Pacific Rim 69% similar to Evangelion.

The Beauty of Japanese Girls


Have you ever seen a real life Japanese girl? Of course you have, now let me tell you most Japanese girls are quite average looking and Beautiful will most likely not be your first impression. But why is it that they are found to be attractive? Some say it is because of the Influence of the girls found in Anime, thinking that the closest thing we can get to Female Anime Characters is to be with a Japanese girl which the Characters are based upon? No that is not it.

Japanese girls have a passive ability, an Aura that affects the eyes and the brain in time. I call it the, Influence over time effect, it has something to do with everything about a Japanese girl, you see her once, Okay… you see her 2 or more times BAM *critical hit!  you are hit by the arrow of love. Well its mostly based on my case. I have seen a lot and mostly I’d criticize on first time basis but once i get another look… their eyes and their… wait that is it. The secret lies in their eyes. The way Japanese women look at you with their head facing downwards and their eyes stare at you, it shows the shape of their beautiful eyes and it makes me want to pat their head and protect them. when they smile sincerely it feels as though they truly appreciate what you are to them. The way they smile is quite cute, how they first lift their upper lip exposing their front teeth and the corners of the mouth are closed, it opens all the way the same time that your eyes and her eyes met showing the top row of teeth biting on the lower lip then they would look so beautiful.

Here is an example, this is Rinko Kikuchi who played Mako Mori in the Movie, Pacific Rim.

Rinko Kikuchi (PD)

Here is the First Look.

Have another look…


Have a second look

Still nothing? here have one more look…


BAM! *Critical Hit!

Maybe its just me? Impossible, if you don’t find Japanese girls to be beautiful then you must be gay or just have bad taste. Thats just my opinion, chill.

4 Responses to “Pacific Rim”
  1. Quizoxy says:

    I watched the film on friday and damn it felt awesome and remind me of evangelion and currently playing MH3U. I would have prefer to have mako being a japanese speaking chatacter instead to be honest, dont really care if it turns out weird~

    • Gisei says:

      oooooOOoOO! ~same ^_^ you’re playing MH3U? thats the one for the Wii right? it looks very action packed.

    • Quizoxy says:

      Nope, its only for the 3DS and WiiU, I personally go with the 3DS as I play multiplayer with friends when I’m out (^_ ^ )

  2. Overlord-G says:

    Yes. Mako Mori is a very attractive woman, even in casual attire. There are definitely attractive Asian beauties where I’m from so it has little to do with anime influences. Besides, not once did I say that real life sexy Japanese women are as sexy as Ikkitousen’s Kan-U Unchou. Meaning, when I see Kan-U, I don’t think ALL hot Asian chicks look like that.

    I hope I didn’t end up insulting real life Asian beauties because that wasn’t my intention.

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