Devil Maker Tokyo

This is a game I found on the app store, apparently I’m into these kinds of games all along and I had no idea. Card games on mobile phones sounds boring; I know that was my first impression but as you can see the game has the magic word TOKYO in it and also has anime characters. I wouldn’t pass off an opportunity to play a Japanese game. Unfortunately, I think Korea got the idea to make Devil Maker Tokyo, though the setting of the game is in reference to modern Japan in a post-apocalyptic setting. At the very least, Anime + Japan Setting made me check it out and now I am freaking addicted to it.


So to start off, everybody who gets to play this game gets to be the same main character of the game because of the story that is followed in-game. You can easily play through the main storyline in about 3 hours. To be fair, each chapter of the story is unlocked when you reach certain levels.  The game is very user-friendly, as you’ll be guided through all the basics when you start playing. Although not everything about the game is easy to understand, there are some aspects that you tend to figure out for yourself from experience.


A typical click-and-play type of game, Devil Maker Tokyo does have a lot going on in its system. Not only do you get to play through a wonderful storyline but you also get to battle with other players and show that your set of cards is better that theirs. How? By upgrading your Devils, spending coin, get rare high-ranking cards that will make other contractors feel inferior. Here are some of the features of the game.

  • Battle System & Exploration


Regarding the battle system, you have no interaction whatsoever during the battle sequence, it’s up to your Devils which enemy to attack and what skills to use. All you do during the battle sequence is to watch them battle in hopes that you win. You do have some interactions in-game during exploration, you are presented with 3 cards every turn. Choosing one of those 3 cards will make you proceed further in your exploration. You can either get: a Healing card that heals your Devils, An EXP card that gives you Experience points, a Silver Card that gives you Silver, The Core (Impossible to win on the first try) Devil Encounter Card that commences battle with a set of devils, the boss card which can be found at the end of the area that you are exploring or at times can be encountered midway and finally an Empty card that gives you little Exp and Little gold.

  • Light Energy, Total Cost & FP Points


There are a lot of outcomes during exploration and with that comes the usage of Light energy, It works as Energy in other similar games, it regenerates 1 Light Energy every 4 minutes until it reaches the maximum number of Light Energy you have. Each time you level up increases your Light Energy Capacity, so does your Total Cost. Total Cost is the total sum of the cost of devil cards in your party. Basically, you can’t just place all the rare high ranking cards on your party if you don’t have enough Total Cost to be able to do so. If you want all your rare cards to be on your party, you must level up some more. Another factor that increases the maximum capacity is your number of friends. Friends in this game is a must as their main Devil can be hired during Boss battles with the cost of FP Points. FP Points have a lot of usage in this game. Use it to be able to battle the Core, used for Summoning more devils, and much much more.


With a game like Devil Maker Tokyo to be this addicting that I usually wake up in the middle of the night just to check on my Arena Status or proceed with more exploration in quest to get more items or simply help out a friend with their battle with the Core in high hopes to get the killing blow and get the massive amount of EXP boost is quite thrilling. Although, you really need to have internet connectivity everywhere you go if you wish to check upon the game every minute or so.

I like the game, I like the art, I like how the devils are portrayed as hot girls. The story could pass off as good and maybe in the future, the game could have an anime adaptation.

IMG_2546 IMG_2550 IMG_2568 IMG_2570IMG_2548 IMG_2564View the download page for Devil Maker Tokyo on Google Play at:

Visit the Official website of Devil Maker Tokyo on Palmple:


7 Responses to “Devil Maker Tokyo”
  1. Sutra says:

    So basically it’s a card battle game? Like Yu-Gi Oh?

    and is this one Online Game?

    • Gisei says:

      well not exactly kinda like… hmm well its online yes xD

    • Sutra says:

      Well, If I may guess from description, it’s combination of RPG system and card battle game =D
      I’d love to play Anime related Game like doujin and it’s kin, but unfortunately my Internet connection won’t hold that much of bandwidth. So basically I can’t get touch of online game, thats why I usually play Offline game. Pretty sad, doesn’t it, sob.
      Got any recomendation? interesting Offline Game with anime related? If may, it’s an RPG, cuz I luv RPG =D, but if you don’t know any, other than RPG are also welcome, as long as it’s anime related :3

    • Gisei says:

      hmmm well there is this ps3 game that i have been watching on youtube… its called tales of xillia and its quite awesome

  2. Tann says:

    How do you turn off the notification? It is getting annoying

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