Reviews and Posting

So we have been focused on a lot of stuff during the last month that explains our absence in posting. 20% school work and 80% games to be honest.  During the month off, sadly, my grandfather died, it was a week long event, most of my relatives came over to mourn and have a fun-filled funeral full of fun and frolic. LOL. seriously though my grandfather died we all cried and junk and i saw the bills and how much everything costs and i told my parents to stay alive until i get millionaire.

What’s up?

1098483_423751114409557_1806884_nI have been reading anime magazines to learn about the best way to make a post about an Anime. So basically i’ve been reading reviews. Also i was advised that some audience wanted ratings. Rate everything the story, the art and whatnot. Unfortunately for this author that will not be happening. I am willing to give you the best but i won’t settle for writing lies. To properly rate something one must have basis and do a lot of meth-i mean math to come up with legit ratings. I RATE THIS ANIME 9 out of 10 STARS! why? because i like it so much, why do i like it so much? because… yatayatayata….

On the gaming front I have been playing Borderlands 2. I play as a mechromancer i love that gaige ^_^. Also in the past month the Dota 2 international 2013 happened! i lost most of my bets which is a grand total of 16 Items: 5 Rares, 1 Mythical, 6 Uncommon and 4 Common. hmmm well dota 2 players will understand. Also I lost all my sims 3 games, since it got corrupted. cant find my installers so basically i’m stuck at the original sims 3 without expansion packs.

On the Anime front there has been no progress. Though i acquired a lot of Series to watch, sadly i was occupied with other things. but now that September’s up we are going to have a week-long vacation and I am going to once again share my thoughts and try to encourage you to watch Anime.

I don’t know if the other authors, my friends, are going to go back to posting as well but in case they don’t well… uhm idk.

To further clarify things, I don’t think i’m making reviews i am sharing my thoughts and why i like the anime. so if you have a problem with that, saying “we don’t need to know that, we want ratings” i’m sorry but take note that this is a blog it is to share opinions. Hmmm on the other hand i did make a review portion on every post i made so basically that is how i review… uhm stuff now that i think about it its not really a review, so imma gonna change that starting today! yay!

lastly, I’m thinking of changing the color scheme of this blog. brighter is better right so i may try out the white version xD

3 Responses to “Reviews and Posting”
  1. Overlord-G says:

    Good luck in your future endeavors and my prayers go to your family after the tragic loss. Do what you have to do and come back when you’re good and ready.

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