Why Japan?

Here is a question that has been on the mind of everyone that gets to know me to the point that whenever they see anything Japanese-related the first thing that comes up to their mind is me. Also I’ve been wanting to let this out for quite some time. I haven’t met anyone as enthusiastic about Japan as I am. Though most of my friends claim they like Anime I’ve yet to meet someone who is at par with my level of obsession with Japan and everything in it.

How it started

I grew up in the city, having to be taken to school by private transport, my life during my childhood was a pampered one. As my ignorance of the outside world scares me i turn to the comfort of the television where i got enchanted by the action-packed world that is Anime. Of course I didn’t know it was an Anime back then, my parents call it cartoons. Anime Inspired me to do a lot of things during my childhood. Slam Dunk made me yearn to go play outside since there is a basketball court near my house and there i met with many kids and teenagers who became my friends though to be honest i don’t remember everyone but I can recall 2 or 3 people. Air Gear made me get into rollerskating with my rollerblade shoes and finally Anime such as Dragon Ball Z, Flame of Recca, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hajime no Ippo, Zenki, Sailor Moon, Beyblade, Yu gi Oh, Let’s go!, Crush Gear made me very competitive and made be believe I am special and better than others. That drive got me everywhere.

Getting to know Anime

oreimo-11-14-kanako-kurusu-gameI first came to realize that Cartoons and Anime are different when i entered High School. this is where i got connected to the internet for the first time, I had a PC when i was a kid but all i do then was make small time animations in Microsoft Powerpoint and played my first PC game which is The Sims. (Since my parents don’t let me buy games involving guns, killing or any fun but I managed to enjoy The Sims up until now.) With the help of the World Wide web i got to know about different kinds of Anime but I still wanted the whole tournament fighting Anime so began the age of Naruto, Shaman King , and a lot more. Truth be told, I avoided One Piece before since i didn’t quite like the art back then but with my friends talking about it non-stop they convinced me to check it out but now that i am way behind its kinda discouraging to watch from the very beginning with so much episode.

A Understanding of what type of Anime I am into

tumblr_mag3cfAOrz1qi263lo1_500Now, I am very into romantic-comedies, more on Shoujo romantic-comedies where the protagonists is a female. Why? I’ve been asked many times. Shoujo’s target audience are females. That is why it’s called shoujo it refers to a young female 7-18 years of age. So why am I into this stuff? You see I find females to be such delicate creatures and I’d never turn down a chance to spoil a woman. With that in mind seeing the protagonist female in shoujo Manga or Anime that is being spoiled and fought over by guys makes me happy. Specially Anime such as Kaichou wa Maid-sama and Skip beat where the female protagonist gets all “I don’t like him, he annoys me” then later on she develops love towards that guy that keeps giving her attention and does everything for her.

Now for Lolis. I am a Lolicon, not in a weird omg-he-is-a-pedo-who-wants-to-have-coitus-with-kids kind of way. I am more that likes cute reactions of cute females not to me mistaken with takanashi from Working!! ‘s way of being a lolicon where he really likes small cute things for me it is what makes them cute that is cute.

Why Japan?

Konachan.com - 69672 building car city fo~do scenic skyWatching Slice of Life Anime made me realize how lame my Elementary and Highschool days was. Never got to use the train to go to school, never really bothered with clubs and other stuff. See where i live, girls don’t call out to you to confess. It is you who have to make a move. Though in Japan its not the females that do all the confessing but my point is girls there do confess their feelings for the guy they liked which happened to me only twice in my whole life for now though those relationships didn’t really have and joy in them one of the two was filled with drama that you could say could be a concept for an Anime but the story is cut short so manga production of that was canceled. Back to the topic at hand, Japan is beautiful. It truly is. I’m not saying this in-reference to Anime. I have done a lot of research , watch so much documentaries about Japan even read a book or two (without finishing any) and heard stories from my mother’s friend who lives in Japan with her Japanese husband and I think to myself “there is no where i’d rather be than in Japan”. Japan is very lively, Clean and awesome. Schools have Archery and Boxing clubs they have Akihabara! and best of all they have the stuff where in other countries they consider stupid and inappropriate but people does like that kind of experience, JAPAN HAS A SLEEP CAFE! a MAID CAFE and all sorts of cafes that people like me could enjoy!

Japan is a country that likes uniqueness and its people are free to express themselves however they want well not entirely,if you wear something really inappropriate you will get reprimanded or something. I haven’t been to Japan, but I will after I graduate from College with knowledge on 3D Animation. But If i get earn enough I am going back to studying. Studying on becoming a Seiyuu! yes i know there are alot of graduates there who haven’t landed a single job but still i do want to learn.

I am looking forward to my stay in Japan in the near future, Karaoke with friends, Have a good and bad relationship with the Yakuza and who knows I may find my soulmate there.

3 Responses to “Why Japan?”
  1. Overlord-G says:

    Live the dream Gisei. Live the dream. I don’t like the cliche “I hate him, but then I love him” nonsense but if you do, I’m not judging you. It makes you happy and if you’re happy, I’m happy dood.

    Now go out there and attend as many Sleep Cafes as you can find dood!

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