Vocaloid Kokone

Valentines day isn’t far ahead and Internet Co., Ltd. shows their love by presenting a new Vocaloid for VOCALOID3, Vocaloid Kokone will be up for grabs on the day of love itself, February 14, 2014. 


new_vocaloid____kokone_by_mnv_mmd-d72btawA Few things, one from the Vocaloid Wiki – Her name means “heart sound“. Isn’t that nice? It actually fits the voice as well. Kokone specializes with a more realistic tone but with a pitch range of a vocaloid. Meaning She sounds nice and she can hit any note you pressed her into. Basically I was impressed, I was hoping for some techo, electronic music from sample songs and demos however what I heard was something better. You can feel the emotions from her songs, well that’s mostly from the people that made the song but her voice is really something else! Now i can’t say she’s better than all the other Vocaloids since I only listen to Luka, Rin, Len and Miku. They each have their own style but Kokone seems to be able to sing more types of music, meaning she’s not limited to one type of song. Here are sample songs that are already presented as of last month.

First Impression


DEMO SONG cry for the STAR


DEMO SONG – Nervous




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