Golden Time

And just as I thought I’ve outgrown being emotional when watching Anime, I was proven wrong when I decided to have a look at Golden Time. I’ve been really into the Anime from the time it was announced to the release of the first episode until the end. I’ve watched crap tons of Romantic Drama Anime series than a normal male otaku would have and I’ve got to say, Golden Time made it as my 2nd most favorite Anime of all time! why second? because Clannad. for now, nothing beats Clannad. Not Angel Beats, Not Sakurasou, not Oreimo and not even Kimi no Iru Machi. But Golden Time is a close second for me.

Title: Golden Time
No. of Episodes: 24
Genre: Seinen, Romance, Drama, Comedy

INTRODUCTION(First Impression | No Spoilers)

vlcsnap-2014-04-11-14h17m54s148There is a lot of Anime out there with a weak ass first episode, some over do it with the character introductions, some smacks you across the face with so much information about the world that your mind would drift off and there are some first episodes in which you wished it would end already feeling as you’ve been watching for 40 minutes when in fact its only been 15 minutes. Golden Time pretty much did everything right, well according to me. Things were laid down, Mysteries have been established, expectations from the audience is clear as my father’s bald head. After the first episode I wanted to watch some more, you could say I got hooked. We see characters with their goals clear to the audience on what will happen to them in the following episodes without looking  so much into each character’s background yet since its the very first episode. So long story short, Nothing to understand yet  you just need to know. That’s how i define the first episode.


vlcsnap-2014-04-11-14h19m25s47The Anime presented itself with a drama that no live action adaptation can copy, even though its only Drama I believe that though possible, it will be difficult to reenact. Then we have emotions everywhere that kinda makes you want to speak out as you are watching, that’s a good thing. Another good thing about this series is that there is no need to know the background of every character, its clear who the protagonist is and so they made it so that the world revolves around Tada Banri everybody else is just connected. The way each supporting character is able to hit our emotions is through their emotions as well, we didn’t need to know who they are and where they came from, all we really needed is to know how they respond how they feel about each event.

Golden Time is a love story that happens in rare cases in the real world, having only very few people that can relate to the story which makes it all the more interesting. Since the most likely scenario is that most of us will never experience the events found in Golden Time, it gives a sense of experiencing the experience. Like every drama series the show has its ups and downs. The transition for when the up and downs occur is well distanced so the audience have a different feeling in every episode, you maybe Happy after one episode and sad after the next.





5starGolden Time is actually quite sad, not as sad as Kashimashi : Girl meets Girl where the overall mood is blue. The story kinda gets you to pick which side is better, which girl should Tada Banri end up with and well who he should really be and such. Also there is a lot of crying involved here from the characters themselves and the audience A.K.A. you.

I like how the story progressed and how my emotions are with the story itself, I like how it began and i liked how it ended, Golden time is one of the Anime series that you’d love and not expect a next season since its already enough. I was advised before that i should rate the Anime i am reviewing, since i don’t review Anime that i didn’t like there’s no point in rating now right? but if i were to rate Golden time i’d give it 5 stars out of 5.


Golden Time



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