Majisuka Gakuen

I’ve tried to watch as much Japanese live action drama as I can and to tell you the truth I dropped most series after watching up until each series’ 4th episode. Why? basically I didn’t choose the most popular drama shows of course instead I looked for something different. And through all the searching I have found Majisuka Gakuen. Delinquent high school girls? wha- I have got to see this! , i said.


Two transfer students, Atsuko Maeda and Onizuka Daruma came at the all-girls school Majisuka Gakuen. In this school violence and fighting are common among the Yankee students. Noisy and trouble maker Daruma made a fuss as soon as she entered the school, win in her first fight but then was beaten easily by another gang shortly after. In contrary to Daruma’s bold-but-powerless attitude, Maeda who is truthfully a strong girl despite of her silent nature found Daruma is beaten by Team Hormon before her. The word “Majisuka?” (means are you serious?) instantly awaken her true nature and made her won the battle against Daruma’s attackers easily, thus made a big fuss at the school and the news even reached the strongest fighting group, Rappapa. Afterwards, Daruma acknowledged Maeda as her boss and as a result the friendship between the two girls began to grow along with their fights with fellow students at their school.


Title: マジスカ学園
Title (Romaji): Majisuka Gakuen
Genre: Live Action, Drama, Action
Episodes: 12
Aired: 2010-Jan-08 to 2010-Mar-26
Opening song: Majisuka Rock n’ Roll by AKB48
Ending song: Sakura no Shiori by AKB48



Majisuka Gakuen, first of all is played by the idols from AKB48 and (saying this without research) this series is somewhat like their training. The series states that the actresses’ acting ability improves slightly because we(the audience) continue to support the series. If you guys have no idea about AKB48, well these are a group of Idols in Japan that does… uhm… well… idol stuff, you know singing and being… idols :D. Let me just say that the idea for this story is a real attention getter. I mean I’ve been always hearing about delinquent highschool but its guys all the time. Delinquent High School girls?! Count me in!


maji34A lot of things are off in the start of the series, from the camerawork, the acting, more acting oh and dialogue. Not entirely bad though, the setting looks great costumes look believable meaning they blend in being delinquents and all. Seriously the only reason i stuck around the rest of the first season was to see where the story is going. They overdid the introduction bit, there was no thrill of meeting the elite 4 of Rappapa because they all have the same intro in the same episode.

In the very first episode you are going to expect a lot, the events are exclaims so much that its a big deal when in fact well they are not. The reason for that is go have a good first impression.


majiskaMajisukaGakuen16980majisukagakuen_2 (c) keismagic-majisuka gakuen-scene-3 vlcsnap-2014-04-13-16h02m45s69

The story kicks ass and is totally original. Though i don’t think the one who made the story had everything he wanted  to have in the series, its still got noticed by the public, well in a bad way. The fight scenes were not that exhilarating, Maeda is a snob and even though she is beautiful elsewhere in Majisuka Gakuen she isn’t i don’t know why.

I heard Majisuka Gakuen had low ratings, thats no doubt but…. BUT it had a lot of fans. I don’t actually know why, maybe because i may have a thing for delinquent high school girls or maybe girls that can kick ass but the point is, the series is watchable and enjoyable you just have to let go of looking at the quality and focus more on the fun it brings. Majisuka Gakuen has its moments, comical moments, action moments and questionable moments that we cannot avoid but its all part of its charm. I think that’s it, there isn’t much to talk about Majisuka Gakuen’s first season. its up to you on whether you like it or not.

Majisuka Gakuen 3 stars out of 5 stars: GOOD ENOUGH

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2 Responses to “Majisuka Gakuen”
  1. Overlord-G says:

    A show about delinquent high school girls…oh the possibilities. Yummy.

    • Gisei says:

      yeah and you’d love Nezumi and Center they have a yuri relationship hmm well kind of more of a one sided yuri relationship 😀

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