Majisuka Gakuen 2

After watching season 1, its clear that Majisuka Gakuen isn’t enough and so… Majisuka Gakuen 2 went straight to the top of my watch list. My review on Majisuka Gakuen‘s 1st season isn’t focused on the build of the series but rather than a quick summary of it. It is because there isn’t enough to go on but now with season 2 i can be less generalized and more specific in this review. huh, Maeda is at the top! i wonder what’s that like?



tor_371165439_5Majisuka Gakuen 2 takes place after the events of Majisuka Gakuen’s first season where Yuko Oshima died from her sickness, Rapapa’s Elite 4 has graduated and Maeda and her friends are the new Rapapa. The 1st season has Nezumi as the power hungry mastermind that controls most of the events of the first season and also in the second season. The difference is she has “Center” as her partner in crime. Okay since we have that established in watching the first episode, fans of the show gets pumped up over the possibilities. Comical relief to ease in questionable moments helps it to avoid being questioned until the end.

Maeda, being given the top of Majijo by Yuko gave it to someone else. It got me thinking why? clearly she has some other things to deal with so let someone else rule. thats when i start to question stuff. Maeda doesn’t go to Majijo in the second episode up until the last. you know what i think? its to promote another member of AKB48. Also Daruma is also out for 10 episodes of the second season having her just mentioned and shown in one scene of one episode and well the last.

Maeda‘s group is at the top of Majijo and people think they are a joke, riled up by Nezumi who is using that fact to get herself on top and when that didn’t work she gets Majijo’s rival school to butt in.


vlcsnap-251826Gonna start with… OVERALL the freaking plot twists are great. Characters that appeared in season 1 that are also shown in the second season on what became of them makes the fans happy. In the end you’ll recognize the second season as making the fans of the 1st season get rilled up on how they know the series so well. Though the story no longer revolves around Maeda, it still revolves around maeda without revolving around Maeda… WHAT?? I know it doesn’t make sense. I mean she is part of the big picture lets say she is the paint that made the art. The story focuses mostly on Nezumi and Center, a good combination, Brains and Brawn. But what really gets fans rilled up is the fact that Shibuya is the leader of Yabakune. boom spoiler hahaha

Though Majisuka Gakuen 2 fixed alot of things that they messed up in the first season, there are still some things that aren’t good. Like the fact that they had the chance of introducing new groups of delinquent girls that looks twice as badass as those in the first season, but thats it. they just look better delinquents. Introductions that was overdone in the first season WAS EVEN MORE OVERDONE. Some fight scenes lack a lot of well movement to tell you the truth the fight one on ones we’re better in the first season.

I’ll leave you with this fact and it might seem lame but i know you’ll feel it. You know the feeling when you were watching Power rangers back when you were a kid? and during a massive fight all the power rangers from other power rangers join together to fight the enemies with the enemies of the other power rangers? yeah you’ll feel that in watching Majisuka Gakuen 2. Though i doubt its going to be as great, but its going to be a similar feeling.


tor_351870811_3Majisuka-gakuen-ep-06-ts_snapshot_00-11_2011-05-14_16-19-48tor_366930047_2Majisuka gakuen 2 ep 12Majisuka Gakuen 2 gets 4Stars out of 5Stars!

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