Shikihime Garden

After struggling to play Shikihime Garden‘s original version (Japanese), the English Version got released last month which makes me one of the first few people that played the English version of Shikihime Garden. “Why play such a browser game?” you might ask. To that my answer will be cute anime girls.



An online card game? What’s this about a garden? Shikihime Garden gets the spotlight for being the most unique online card game out there. Not only are you presented with chibi versions of your cards in which you can drag them around, you also feed them onigiri (rice balls), give them medicine and even see them interact with other cards within your garden.

The garden consists of different things that you can obtain by finishing quests and moving forward in the game (yes, like any other card game there is a campaign to finish). The big picture focuses on the cards themselves. As said earlier, you can feed your cards onigiri, which heals your cards that took damage from battle. This means you can’t just hop from one battle to another if your cards have low HP. The garden also provides medicine that increases a selected attribute.

Shikihimes are the female characters you can place in your garden. They have the capacity for evolution meaning they can grow in particular ways but only when you meet certain requirements. Evolution doesn’t work 100% of the time, there’s also a chance you won’t get the stage you want since it goes in 2 ways.

Not all cards are Shikihimes; you also have monster cards, which can be sacrificial cards used for giving Shikihimes XP.



There is a lot within this game that I haven’t reached yet. Shikihime Garden is quite an addicting game. The battle points regenerate faster than normal card games. There are onigiri shops, medicine shops and shrines that give out card summons with which you use to get random cards with a rare chance of getting Shikihime-type cards. Also, Shikihimes with evolutionary stages seem quite interesting.

Overall Shikihime garden is one hell of a complicated game but again falls into a pay-to-win type in the near future. For now, you win by playing the most. Hmm… I expected I’d have more things to say.



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