Ah, Anime Mirai, I love you so much, you bring surprisingly good Anime films every year. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I am talking about the Young Animator Training Project by the Japanese Animation Creators Association. The way i see it uhm as the title dictates, its to train young animators. Which is good since Makoto Shinkai isn’t going to live forever. The world needs more Makoto Shinkai. Making awesome anime films that strikes the heart in a way you gain a creative sense and it makes you cry a little outside and cry a lot inside. Anyway, yeah Harmonie is produced by ultra Super Pictures for Anime Mirai 2014.

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Harmonie, Intriguing, everything about it is intriguing. The genres alone, Fantasy, Supernatural, Seinen makes me really want to watch this. Despite being a movie it runs only as a 25 minute short-film and truth be told I really wish I’d see some more, If only they made it into a series. Released on March 1, 2014, Harmonie didn’t really get that much attention. It was note worthy but not entirely a crowd pleaser. Harmonie is there simply because it is.


3 stars out of 5 stars

Harmonie‘s setting mostly takes place in school, in few occasions Akio‘s room which aren’t really emphasized, Because it really didn’t need to be emphasized. Harmonie played off with a typical high school boy who likes a beautiful high school girl, both of them in the same class but enough of these filler sentences let me get down to it. Makina Juri, no doubt has something wrong in her, well looking at the big picture. Juri dreams of (truth be told) a very enchanting dream filled with story and music. The music she got from her dream, she played and everybody thought it was nice but the thing is, she claims it was made by someone in her dreams and keeps insisting. That is why her mother arranged for her to speak with doctor, see crazy.



Looking at it from a more understanding side, That dream is Juri’s way of wanting to find someone that she can resonate with. In her dreams there is a boy who played the music and she (as the living doll in her dream) was drawn to when she heard it. At the very end of the film we could see the rest of juri’s dream where she displayed her body infront of the boy showing him what makes her living as a doll. Three veins that filled with 3 different colors, Red, Purple and Green, Same as the one being used by the boy to play music, 3 jars containing, red, purple and green. Which indicates that she is in need of him to live, without it she is just a doll.

There really is a deep sense in this film with i barely understand, what i can do for now is to make my own opinion based on what I’ve seen. Harmonie is a good film, although lacking in audience impact, still a good psychological exercise wherein we try to understand Juri. We are Akio while watching this film. We are understanding it through akio’s perspective. Which makes the Anime so satisfying to watch and yet i am pissed that it only ran for 25 minutes.



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