Appleseed Alpha

A long forgotten Anime returns this year catching up on today’s 3D animation advances, Appleseed comes back with a 3D film Appleseed Alpha.


The CGI film will be a reboot that will depict the early days of Deunan and Briareos in search of the legendary city of Olympus.

(Source: IGN)


Appleseed Alpha

 onesheet Title:
Appleseed AlphaGenre: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, Mecha
Duration: 1 hour 33 minutes

Aramaki, Shinji

PG-17+ (Violence and profanity)

 D O W N L O A D  L I N K S

YTS 720P [750.84MB] |



 vlcsnap-2014-07-29-10h10m15s87vlcsnap-2014-07-29-10h11m30s68vlcsnap-2014-07-29-08h56m54s99 Lets be honest for a bit. You haven’t heard of Appleseed, you might have seen it but you might have not given a f*ck about it. Appleseed was around since 1985 as a Manga, Having an OVA that runs about an hour on 1988, Having a movie released on 2004 a sequel movie on 2007 then FINALLY getting its own OVA series on 2011 escalating up to a 3D movie this year, 2014.Though Appleseed was around a long time people only noticed it after 2 decades. I’m not gonna lie I haven’t read the manga but i’ve seen the 1st movie. Not the first OVA but the Movie. Back then I was a kid so i don’t remember the whole lot of it. Mesmerized at the animation the graphics but i have no idea what the f*ck is going on. That was 2004 probably 10 years old around that time.

Appleseed Alpha takes place somewhere before everything in the past movies happened kinda like a prequel but not really. As IGN’s Synopsis dictates its the early days of Deunan and Briareos before they were at Olympus kicking ass and destroying sh*t. Here its their former life before they got to Olympus.


(a very short) REVIEW


Every Appleseed is better than this Movie. Alphaseed is a complicated anime with its technical story that only hardcore fans can fully understand. Appleseed alpha however feels like a “filler” although it is not. Though the 3D animation is great and so is the rendering on well everything. It looks so god-damn realistic as balls. Make sure to watch this on your HDTV because everything is beautiful.Appleseed Alpha makes you go through watching it without pausing or rewinding the movie to see what you missed. You understand everything unless you aren’t paying attention of course but the past movies i did like double takes at some point in the movies to be able to understand what the hell happened.

I can’t tell if bullets does kill them or not i mean most of them have metal on them and two horns just keeps coming back from each wreckage unscratched but limping. No blood just grease and oil. no wounds i mean there is an overall lack of realism. Voice acting is kinda good. But seriously no one seems to get hurt in this movie.

I can say that Appleseed Alpha is a movie worth watching once. Why? Because after the movie you are all set, no questions asked, everything is fine and dandy. There should be something left like lets say still being hunted down by two-horns to be able to perceive that there is more sh*t coming their way after this particular event.

Overall the graphics are so beautiful I can’t stress enough how good it looks from CG to 3D sh*t is well made, story is not half bad at least we have a little background of how they were before everything else.

RATING: 3.8 / 5

vlcsnap-2014-07-29-10h11m08s103I don’t like mecha not one bit because you have to comprehend sh*t tons of information and descriptions to grasp why the f*ck each thing happened. But there are some exceptions wherein i understood everything therefore i enjoyed everything but most of the time i’d rather keep away from mecha.



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