Recettear – An Item Shops Tale

Being a merchant is no easy task. Specially for the merchants of the time before technology came into play. How will a little girl named Recette manage an item shop?

Recettear is the story of an item shop, the girl who lives in it, and the fairy who turned her life upside down. Recette Lemongrass finds herself in charge of an item shop built into her house, in order to pay back a loan her father took and then skipped out on.

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Recettear – An Item Shops Tale



Title: 孤独に効く百合Genre: RPG, Simulation, Action

Duration: 7-ENDLESS

Developer: EasyGameStation

Publisher: Carpe Fulgur LLC


 D O W N L O A D  L I N K S

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 giseirecettear3 giseirecettear6235giseirecettear2 It’s the first day of managing an Item Shop and its time to open for business. First thing’s first, the basics of running an Item Shop.  Tear, your fairy manager, shows you the ropes. You’ll be browsing the town for wares that you’ll be able to sell in your own store: food, accessories, weapons and garments alike. You are given a capital wherein you have to choose what to buy carefully and sell it in a way where you can get profit. Now that you’ve been introduced to the basics, its time for a little flashback on how everything started. It is quite hilarious actually.The thing is Recette‘s father just so happens to find an opportunity to become a hero, so he shouts out his ambitions and leaves his daughter as he chases some monster to some extent. A few hours later Tear, a loan-shark fairy, knocked on the door to claim the money Recette‘s father owes. Since he hasn’t returned, Recette is the one Tear asks for the money.




  giseirecettear1 giseirecettear323 Recetteardungeon giseirecettear2

Let’s start off with the story, I tell you, I found it very amusing. I mean you are buried in debt so you might think of skipping town but the thing is, Recette‘s father didn’t even consider taking his daughter with him. He was like “They might come after me for sure, better have some sort of collateral to keep them off my trail” and so “Fuck it, I’ll let Recette handle this. I’m going to be a hero!” – and he took off.

The Characters are really something. Let’s begin with the Named Characters. You meet them and they have a role in your shop-keeper life as either a customer or as the hired-hand for when you go dungeoneering. As a hired-hand you have no problem with them. They may vary from having different approaches and difficulties when doing dungeons but you’ll have fun using them. As a customer in your shop however, Oh my god! Very complicated stuff. From a price range of 101%-130% being the price range where you can sell and have profit to a price range of 99%-50% being the price where you can buy what they are selling and be at an advantage. THEY USUALLY LOWBALL THE CRAP OUT OF YOU.

Dungeons are pretty fun. Not only is it strategic but it doesn’t feel at all repetitive. The monsters have their own moves so you have to dodge at the right time to avoid getting hit. Customization? Yeah I didn’t feel any need for customization but it has that as well: change wall, change floor- all of which can be unlocked in specific merchant levels.

giseirecettear9Overall Recettear gave me one hell of a good time. Based on my steam stats I played the game for 7 hours before I finished paying for Recette’s father’s debts. It’s endless mode from here on out. I’m gonna try and unlock all the stuff without having to worry about payment at the end of the week. There is a lot to say about Recettear but one thing is for certain. The way she hops up to her seat when you open the shop is too damn kawaii.

RATING: 4/ 5

1393614831943Speaking of lowballing the crap out of you, let’s skip to this one particular customer: the “little girl”. Grrrr I hate this B*tch so much. At about 4th week this b*tch declines the base price of an item… I mean she wants me to sell stuff less than the base price? You are gonna lose your mind when the little girl shops at your store.

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