Hey you. Ye~es you. Are you sick of reading the same data over and over again on different blog sites? Would you like to add a new interest that adds a new answer to the question, what do you like about Japan? That good! that’s really good, we have got the thing for you.

Okay first of all as the main author of this blog I do apologize in my long absence.
I’ve been, well occupied with other things non-Anime related. Do know that I haven’t
abandoned the anime world. Instead, I’ve now added a new classification as an Otaku.

YES! JAPANESE IDOLS! you may have heard of them from Idol related Anime and Manga.
This is the real deal, this is what those Anime and Manga are based out of.


I’d like to introduce to you A new blog site from the same mind, SDB48.
Its been going on for quite some time but I’d waited for it to have more content before
its publicized. Now without further ado let me introduce some of its features.

New to the wonderful world of Japanese Idols? We have just the thing to get you started
Would you like it to come from a legit source or would you like it come from another enthusiast?
Doesn’t Matter! we have both!

introducing… A Variety of Shows!

wherein each post contains well the basic screenshots, a short rundown on its content and the ever
popular download link.

For a more opinionated touch with noob like components. Browse these original series of posts
made for you by you… i’m kidding by us! Jisei and Zweimac at your service!

SDB4debate logo akbdiscussion logo

Yes you heard it right, US, see there’s a few things I’ve learned while managing This anime blog and
that is “Solo gets you Solo Opinions and Solo Opinions gets you a one sided view on things” Now I’ve
decided to bring in Collaboration posts, twice the knowledge, twice the fun!

The site is fairly new so if you are ENTIRELY new to the Idol world then you won’t get anything we are talking about.
But if you have experience well can’t say you wont be bored ^_^

Now if you still aren’t interested here are sample idols out of 300 and counting.

Feeling interested yet? Visit SDB48 at sdb48.wordpress.com (yes i know a bit too cheap to pay $18 a year
to own our own URL). Lets give you one more sample.

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