Monster Super League

Remember when Pokemon became a mobile app? Yep that’s dead now but look a fresh new game that’s kinda like Pokemon by means of being hella fun and hella addicting! Check this out!

Monster Super League is like Pokemon but it also isn’t at the same time.


Monster Super League

 12 Title: Monster Super League
Genre: RPG, Simulation, Action
Android, IOSDeveloper: Four Thirty ThreePublisher: Creative Lab & Smart Study


 D O W N L O A D  L I N K S

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 screenshot_2017-01-27-21-34-01screenshot_2017-01-27-21-24-36screenshot_2017-01-27-21-27-30screenshot_2017-01-27-21-25-30 Like any typical game, Monster Super League starts off with an introduction cutscene that lasts about one minute then you go on ahead with the character creation. After which the game introduces you to it’s basic gameplay mechanics.

That is all pretty standard and “a must” for any game. A thumbs up to the developers as the tutorial stage doesn’t take you for an idiot like most games nowadays.

Of course during the tutorial stages you will be taken through a “scripted” chain of events where you get your first monster a.k.a astromon from hatching an egg that the game told you to hatch to the your first encounter with a RARE astromon that the game told you to catch. They did it in a way that made you feel kinda lucky and that’s a good thing.




Fire, Water, Wood, Light and Dark. These are the different elements that Astromons have. Wherein Fire beats Wood, Wood beats Water and Water beats Fire. While Light is strong against Dark and Dark is strong against light. To me that gives it a more balance feel. What differs is the skills of each astromon. Monster Super League is a highly strategic game that everything needs to be part of your plan.

From choosing a team of 4 with the right Astromons, to the gems you equip your astromons with, to the gold that you need to spend in moderation and so much more. Monster Super League is highly addicting that you will check your phone or tablet frequently.

Monster Super League is a single player game that revolves around a MMO wherein PvP does exist but the battles are Player vs AI. You join the Astromon league where you have a set of Astromons for defense (AI Controled) and Offense (Player controlled) so basically your offense team will be against a player’s defense team which isn’t bad.

As with any Mobile game the F2p players here have a slight disadvantage when it comes to getting those Very Rare astromons. Sure f2p players can get it too when they get enough astrogems to open 10+1 High Eggs. P2p players however can get Astrogems quicker than f2p players. At the end of the day It is all about Luck.

Overall Monster Super League is a very addicting game I myself am not lucky enough to get those highly strong astromons but I do manage a pretty tough team and I am by far not one bit sick and tired of Monster Super League and with its events and features and New astromons that are being added Monster Super League is one heck of a mobile game I can proudly say I play. Go ahead and try maybe you’re lucky with the RNG.

RATING: Ding! Ding! Damn it! it’s a Mandragora again.

Random Number Generator, Why are you so mean. Why do I get rebirth material astromons while In the chat you shower others with 5 star astromons? I swear to god if you give me another beth I will destroy you.

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