We watched multiple Anime Series about Basketball, American Football, Tennis, Volleyball and Boxing! Get ready for another Anime under the sports genre as I introduce you to Teppu! SPOILER FREE!

 It’s like Hajime no Ippo but instead of Men Boxing, it’s Women in Mixed Martial Arts



002 Title: 鉄風

Chapeters: 34

Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Sports, Seinen

PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

 Read Online


677771343436777112312356661231 Teppu started out in a pretty straightforward manner having shown it’s plot and where the series would go from this setting where an Athletic girl finds herself to be good at the things she does that she find her current activity, volleyball, no longer fulfilling. She becomes intrigued and annoyed with a fellow student who happens to start a Mixed Martial Arts club. Soon she’d be in a predicament where she’s testing what Mixed Martial Arts have in store for her, all in the urge to destroy that other student who’s running the club.

It might sound like a stupid plot line from my perspective but trust me it pays off in the end.



1231231232134455772123412312312312 Teppu is a pretty confusing Manga, there are multiple occasions where I can’t tell what some of the character’s genders were. I would be shocked after a few pages after learning that that guy was a female. Not to mention the dragging of the character traits. I for one have not met a single person with personalities like these. Maybe it’s an MMA thing. But sure enough it does confuse casual readers as they won’t be able to tell why these characters act that way. Most of them/us would give up and accept that that is who these characters are.

The Manga series borrowed a lot of it’s sequencing when it comes to the fighting inside the MMA Ring. If you are as big as a Hajime no Ippo fan as i am you could definitely tell that that scene was a direct copy, this pose was also from Ippo and so on.

Like Hajime no Ippo, the flashback placement works wonders for the series not to mention reintroducing quotes said in previous chapters to give certain panels some most needed emotions an author might want to instill upon his/her readers.


Aside from the fetish you might unlock from reading this manga, you’d definitely grow fond of Teppu’s characters once you get to know them in the latter part of the series. Though most of the fights can be as quick as an MMA Match there are some that are just enough to give you that same action that Hajime no Ippo had. Literally, like if I do a comparison image you’d be able to see. However I’d have to go through all the 700+ chapters of Hajime no Ippo manga to prepare it so you’ll have to just take my word for it. 

RATING: I got a nosebleed

This manga is simply amazing and it definitely has a potential to be as great as Hajime no Ippo. Unfortunately It was announced that the Manga will no longer continue.

Damn it, I really wanted to see more athletic characters.

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