Hey you. Ye~es you. Are you sick of reading the same data over and over again on different blog sites? Would you like to add a new interest that adds a new answer to the question, what do you like about Japan? That good! that’s really good, we have got the thing for you.

Update: Tournament, Storm and a whole lot of sad

Hi, Lets just pause a bit. I’ve been gone for almost 2 months now. The reason for that is the International Dota 2 Championships was starting and it took a whole lot of my time with the daily challenge and point collecting and what have you. Now as you know i tried to well keep … Continue reading

Weekly Episode/s – 1st Impressions

New Season means new Series! There are a-freakin-lot of great new Anime series however, I only checked out 4 Series to keep up with my “Busy” schedule. Truth be told I did went and saw more than four but some of those series i lost interest from their first episode alone so I decided to … Continue reading

Anime vs Cartoons (The Unofficial comparison)

It does get on our nerves when some people refer to Anime as Cartoons. Remember that time when the elderly would tell you  “aren’t you too old to be watching cartoons?”. That statement makes me semi-angry, but what ticks me off is when someone who does not know Anime and yet he/she will question why … Continue reading

Why Japan?

Here is a question that has been on the mind of everyone that gets to know me to the point that whenever they see anything Japanese-related the first thing that comes up to their mind is me. Also I’ve been wanting to let this out for quite some time. I haven’t met anyone as enthusiastic … Continue reading